Dart Adams presents The 100 Producers On MySpace Roll Call
Top 100 producer on myspace - poisonousparagraphs blog

RAVAGE's Erroars gets honorable mention at and WYDUB



RAVAGE in Hip Hop Connection Magazine (May 2008 over 40,000 copies sold/month)

RAVAGE top 4 favorites at Thick Magazine

RAVAGE featured on!!!!



Germany gives American Monsta 7/10 rating!


RAVAGE #14 on Dart Adams presents 25 Producers On MySpace That You Need To Hear Right Now Roll Call (2008 Edition)

RAVAGE's remix featured on Black Is Back Radio

RAVAGE the Featured Artist on!

WVFS 89.7FM "The Voice" of Tallahassee reviews American Monsta


RAVAGE the 11 day champion from!

RAVAGE interview live on WVFS 89.7FM "The Voice" of Tallahassee!


Album of the Week on Irish Boom Box

American Monsta on Killah Beast Blog!
 gives props to RAVAGE and DJ Chong Wizard

Kevin Nottingham review RAVAGE's American Monsta

Center Valley Music Collective Interviews RAVAGE


Click HERE to see the RAVAGE feature on Rap Talk.NET!!!

Raptalk is an online rap community that has the latest news and interviews in the Hip Hop industry.

Click HERE to see the RAVAGE interview on is an online Hip Hop community for German Hip Hop fans.

Honorable Mention on All Hip Hop for producing

All Hip Hop is the world's most dangerous site! I received honorable mention when they reviewed Rodan's Album which received 4 out of 5 stars.

My Trip to Japan

I wrote a review of my trip to Japan for MF GRIMM's online Digi Mag, American Hunger.

Honorable Mention at CokeMachine Glow

CokeMachineGlow is another online site that reviews Hip Hop Music.

Honorable Mention at Hip Hop In Je

HipHopInJeI received honorable mentioned at the HipHopInJe site.

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