Friday, May 29, 2009

Max un perro bionico yeah.. life's been great.. me and my dad have been on the hunt for german shepherds.. so we recently we got Max. He's 10 weeks. We are considering getting his brother too... Max is the best yo! The innocence is amazing..when i look at him..right in the eye, it's like a pure canvas.. all of this stuff he's absorbing now, is gonna stay with him for the rest of his life.. so it's all 2000% love u know!? Max.. arigato!

Check out my new cube!

Get my cube or Create your own

Friday, May 22, 2009

our first Go Green Hip-Hop Tour

Join G.A.ME for our first Go Green Hip-Hop Tour

Join G.A.ME on its Go Green Hip-Hop Tour and help us connect families, local growers, green businesses, environmental experts, health providers, community organizations and civic leaders to Hip-Hop culture as a key element in raising awareness and building momentum around the food, health and environmental changes we need to thrive in our communities.

Goals of the Tour:

1 To unite talented conscious artists, activists, physicians, health food suppliers and youth around healthy living and Hip-Hop

2 To educate the public on how to gain the most from their local community-based organizations

3 To provide access and information to good food and good live music
4 To educate communities on self-sustainability

(718) 690-3393

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This is that new... NEW!

Haha.. I had to post that title to show my appreciate for Ghostface's skit on the Only Built For Cuban Linx album where he talks about dying Wallies like marble cake...nah mean!!!! Check for the skit right before Glaciers of Ice if you didn't know!

Anyways.. here's a tiny bit of what I've been working on!

some art work for the fam


Below's a cover I made for Sim-E. He's an emcee that I am doing an new album with called Strong Island Monsta! He is one of the best emcees I've ever heard, his flows and bars are sick! Pure sickness! You can find out more about him here

Monday, May 18, 2009

What a Weekend! Poetry, bachelor parties and more

Talk about Yin and Yang! Wow!

Saturday night was Awesome! RL da Gifted One made his way back up to NYC to do his album release!

GOD such a talented Poet. He did an open mic I remember in the past and was sooooooo inspirational. I went in 1st and did my thing on the mic, he was so impressed he got up there and spit something that just touched me! I bought his booklet of poems that day and stayed in contact with him. Each time he had an event he always let me know to come out cuz the love was there! RL totally, totally showed so much love..he's my big brother for real! when i seen him saturday.. must've been ayear since I've seen him. He showed so much warmth yo..I always feel at home at his shows. His new album is amazing! We had soooo much fun!
and he's such a great host.. he's hilarious AND we had Crack Juice. damn..soo many jokes about that Crack Juice yo!

His friend Chris Slaughter went in on a poem dedicated to Mike Tyson... Phoenixx from the bronx was like the lauryn hill's older sista...her style was like the root of what Lauryn Hill's style sounds like.. seriously..i was like these 2 are 1 in the same! My friend Yong didn't make it to my performance, He had trouble with the trains but he made it there to listen to chris, and phoenix and some other amazing poets and singers! Saturday night was amazing! My performance was pretty good, I haven't rocked the mic in a minute. I know exactly what I need to do! It was great because even though I was sooo critical of myself, everyone loved what I had to say and asked for my contact info etc. This means I did something correct ;-) It was great looking in everyone's eyes while rhyming, you can tell who's really feeling what you have to's great to touch souls like that! Oh! so... Support RL da Gifted One if you can.. his words are so on point and he's a great role model for me!

Friday night, I got to hang out with my friend Li. He had a pizza party with about 15 people and we played taboo. It was soooo crazy. A few beers in the system makes this game soooo much fun! However sometimes people have too much alcohol in the system and the tazmanian devil comes out to show off that stankin a$$. Sheesh. Everyone was cool, I just know to steer clear of 1 young lady!

When we drink, it is fun to drink, you have to know your limit! Getting pissy, wacky and obnoxiously drunk is wack. You can get buzzed, but don't get sloppy.. u know?

Anyways.. that night my friend Jessie from the track team had a bachelor party.. I got to link up with Jesse, his cousins that totally wreaked havoc in school and my other teammates from track. The highlight was I got to see my boy Yong. Yong is cousin's with Li and Yong was 1 of 7 asian kids that I grew up with. My town was kind of segregated for a while, most of the white people were on the south side, most of the black people were on the northeast side the middle of town was primarily spanish/latino.. NOW it's all mixed but when I grew up in the 80s, the N word was still coming out the mouth of some. Anyways, I got to see Yong. He helped me get my weight up on computers back in high school and he had me rocking with Wolfenstein 3D, duke nukem and Hero's Quest... even some star wars.. it was fun learning dos from him.. We talked about sooo much stuff... last time I saw him was graduated 1996. It is ill because even though him and the family are chinese american, they are soooooooooo 1 with me. With Yong and Li I don't see the "chinese" the say way i don't see the "white" in Jesse or my other friends... it's ill because our families are all sooooo different but for all of us.. the drive to be really smart in school, to be athletic and to totally indulge in computers and gaming put us all on the same page... i love thinking about that.. we'd kill for each other i'm sure.. cuz we're 1 in the same.

Jesse back in school along with Yong were both sooo smart. Yong ended up being #2 in my school... he was etched out by a Laura Spiecher because she took "music" classes and got A's in those. Yong was a beast in school! him and Li were soooo smart! I had some honors classes.. I made it to the national honor's society .. i was nasty in basketball, nice in track.. nice with the wrestling, nice with cross country.. i was nice with allllll sports.. i could throw the football, catch. i was nice! haha.. it was good being in the HS space with them.. I remember when my friends kind of abandoned me.. maybe cuz i was still mad skinny, i didn't have the clothes.. i didn't get girls early on.. Jesse, and Yong were fam yo..they totally, totally looked out.. some would call them "geeks" I had the best of both worlds.. i got props from the underclassmen for being a great athlete.. and i had friends via the "geeks" in my class. All the other "cool" kids in my class.. i was cool with but kinda say thru the HS fakeness... I had nothing to prove and when i realized that.. i was able to really build friendships with the right kind of people...

Sunday.. i chilled with my friend.. i took her out to eat some good food.. i was sick from the night before so she totally held me down.. gave me some lemon tea, gave me some spirulina that mixes nicely with water.. she made some rice mixed with carrots and burdock root! it was awesome...i got a lot of rest on sunday and felt amazing! we hit the park and i got to do some plyometrics.. yes i felt that good.. shortly after that..i hit the monkey bars to see if i still got it.. the sun was going down.. a basketball somehow was just sitting in the park.. i assumed at first maybe it's next to the garbage because it had nooo air.. BUT..there was air in there! I got to show off my basketball skills..i have sick ball control yo! my dribble is still sick! I cant' wait till it gets warmer so I can run and get in basketball shape!

The weekend was a blessing yo! Wouldn't change it for the world!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Bronze Medal, Interview w/ Fusebox and DJ SARASA

My friends and family...peace and love!

Recently, DJ Fusion of Fusebox Radio took her time to interview/ feature me for her show and I am very thankful. You can tune in below to listen to the newest interview (feel free to leave comments on the page):

So now what? Well...If you like what you hear feel free to tell a friend to check for it, you can also blog about it or post it up on your facebook with a link, myspace etc!

Fusebox Radio always has great discussions about a wide range of topics. I'm always enlightened when I listen in to the show so you might, might, might really enjoy it all. :-)

I DO want to mention that the Nike website that me, and DJ SARASA teamed up on actually got the bronze medal of the CLEO AWARD, one of the 3 biggest internet awards in the world. If you didn't know, we created the score/soundtrack for the NIKE AIR TROUPE | design battle website ( You can go their, create your own Nike shoe and battle them against other visitor's shoes, rate the ones you like, and enjoy the music!

I encourage you to learn more about what's going down with DJ SARASA in Japan. You can check the below press release for DJ SARASA's 1st OFFICIAL Mix CD titled "Mr. B-Girl."

Did I mention that she's worked closely with the Dave Chapelle and Rize DVD releases in Japan? :-) And Yes! I said the title of her new release is "Mr. B-Girl"... you can find out why she named the CD that below. ;-)

Stay tuned for more news as I continue to Restore Artistic Vision And Growth Everywhere (R.A.V.A.G.E).

Peace 4 now...

DJ SARASA a.k.a. Silverboombox
1st Official Mix CD “Mr. B-Girl”
May 13th 2009 RELEASE!

**Press Release

The highly acclaimed Japan-based DJ, DJ SARASA a.k.a. Silverboombox will release her first official mix CD in May 2009 exclusively for Japan. DJ SARASA is getting a lot of attention these days from the media and audiences during her live performances while she is scratching, juggling and breakdancing while Djing.

Her first official mix CD titled “Mr. B-Girl” captures the same vibe while simultaneously representing her fearless challenge to present what she believes is “REAL” Hip Hop to the masses. The track, “BULLET TRAIN”, which DJ SARASA produced, speaks about running and taking over the game like a Bullet Train (Shin-kan-sen in Japanese). BULLET TRAIN internationally features world-class emcees such as ELZHI from Slum Village (Detroit), Much Music Video Award Nominated and Chinese Canadian National Council Award winning emcee, MASIA ONE (Canada), and a former Rawkus 50 artist CYMARSHALL LAW (New Jersey) who has collaborated with KRS-ONE in the past.

DJ SARASA continues to pump out the hot beats and you can find her most recent work featured on the The NIKE Troupe iD Battle website. DJ SARASA totally provided scratches and the sounds for this site which has just been awarded the bronze medal of the CLEO AWARD, one of the 3 biggest internet awards in the world.

Her hard-hitting mixtape “Mr. B.Girl” includes Hip Hop’s most talented artists such as Black Milk, Pumpkinhead, Royce da 5’9”, Flying Lotus, Vandalyzm, Timid, Hasan Salaam, Wordsmith, Gregory Ryhmes, Apathy, Jean Grae, DJ Revolution, KRS-ONE, Immortal Technique, MASIA ONE, Phat Kat, Oh No, Talib Kweli, Sabotawj, 8THW1, Aceyalone, Lil Dap, and Substantial.

DJ SARASA a.k.a. Silverboombox - “Mr. B-Girl” Tracklist

1. DJ SARASA a.k.a. Silverboombox - One Time
2. Black Milk - Long Story Short
3. Pumpkinhead feat. Royce da 5'9” - Vanquish
4. Vandalyzm - Get Dough (Prod. Flying Lotus)
5. Timid - Bringing the Awe
6. Hasan Salaam feat. Badsportt - History of Violence
7. Wordsmith and Gregory Rhymes feat. Apathy - Slap Rappers Inc.
8. Brooklyn Academy - Raise Ya Hands
9. DJ Revolution feat. KRS-ONE - The DJ
10. Immortal Techinique - The 3rd World
11. Masia One feat. Junia T & Sikh Knowledge - All City
12. Phat Kat - Cold Steel
13. Oh No feat. Roc C - Move
14. DJ SARASA feat. ELZHI, Masia One & Cymarshall Law - Bullet Train
15. Pumpkinhead feat. Talib Kweli - Of the Same Air
16. Sabotawj feat. DJ SARASA a.k.a. Silverboombox - Hip Hop
17. 8th W1 - Fresh
18. Aceyalone - B-Boy Real McCoy
19. Lil Dap - Watch Me Do
20. Substantial feat. Steph - Day in the Life

DJ SARASA a.k.a. Silverboombox Biography

Hip Hop (Old School, 90’s, Independent, Jazzy, Bass, House-Crossover,
Disco (80’s to Contemporary)
House (Dance, Music, Tribal, Deep)

Based in Tokyo, DJ SARASA a.k.a. Silverboombox’s selection, turntablist party rocking skills, stage presence which includes breakdancing while DJing, and overall zest for music enables her to cater to any crowd with ease.

In 2006, she was involved in the Japan’s production and launch of the movies “Dave Chappelle’s Block Party” and “RIZE” nationwide. Having performed in the U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Dubai, Malasia and many more, DJ SARASA is a proven world-class performer. She has rocked the crowd of over 5000 people in her recent performance for Chingay Parade (Singapore) in Jan. 2009.

Her contribution to the music scene includes her eclectic selection of Hip Hop, House, Disco, Funk, Soul and Breakbeats! Furthermore, she has performed along and/or worked with big name artists like Rhianna, The Pharcyde, Masters At Work, Lupe Fiasco, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, C.L. Smooth, The Roots, Group Home, Wu-Tang Clan to name a few.

DJ SARASA’s official mixtape/album “Mr. B-Girl” has been released in May 13, 2009. For more information please go to

About the album “Mr. B-Girl” written by DJ SARASA

“Due to your support and encouragement, I have been able to release my first official mix CD in 2009 titled “Mr. B-Girl.” Some of you might be thinking, what exactly does that even mean? There are a few different points to explain why such a contradictory and controversial title was chosen. Ever since I was introduced to the most unpretentious form of art called Hip Hop, I was taught how significant it is to be myself. Despite this idea, Hip Hop revealed itself to be a male-dominated
world, and society to this day expects women and men to act a certain way; this ideas is even more so in Japan.

After starting my career as a DJ, I noticed quickly that my Japanese audience was so surprised whenever they discovered that the DJ who was playing the deep, underground music was a female, or when they saw a female DJ scratching the records more than they “should.” I have also received a lot of feedback saying that they can’t believe a “girl” was able to make this track, or that I am pretty talented with my craft “although I am a girl.”

For those who think that this stereotype is the norm might think that DJ SARASA is perhaps just a “guy-ish” B-Girl, when they hear the title of this new CD. However, I have intentionally combined the contrary “Mr.” and “B-Girl” to let everyone know that it really doesn’t matter what gender you are; it’s bigger than that.

I personally think that stereotyping makes no sense at all, especially when it comes to DJing. It’s really not about the physical difference that makes a good DJ. It is truly about which DJ’s got the best groove, taste and the ambition for digging more to expose fans to doper music. I would rather be judged by my skills and knowledge as one DJ, and not as a female DJ, similar to what Martin Luther King said hw he has a dream of his children to be judged “…by the content of their character.”

After all, if Hip Hop is about Peace, Love and Unity, the sexual difference shouldn’t even come into play in the first place, right?

Last but not least, thank you so much for using your precious time to listen to my CD. Seriously, you could have been doing anything else in the world, so I really appreciate you taking the time to vibe to my release. This selection of music was chosen by me and it reflects the real Hip Hop that I grew up listening to and believing in! Make sure you check out the tracks I produced: “One Time” and ”Bullet Train” feat. Elzhi, Masia One & Cymarshall Law”.

I Hope you enjoy it, and check me out on my website
- DJ SARASA a.k.a. Silverboombox

Friday, May 1, 2009

*Interview (audio) w/ Underground Unseen

TGIF! the words of Random and Obama "WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!" Lol! The Swine Flu's NUTS!

Anyways... today, I am featured on the Website Underground Unseen. CLICK HERE FOR THE INTERVIEW!!!!

The sistas did an audio interview with me for the launch of their 1st issue of Underground Unseen. I like what they are doing particularly because they have built a web between NYC, Louisiana and Chicago to spread their word which will be global soon!

Please show your support for me and Underground Unseen and visit the
interview below:

The website will ask you to sign in so you will have to use the below
information to view the feature (don't be a smart A$$ and change it!
***feel free to create your own username and password though if you’d
like to….or simply use the below)

email address:
password: heaven2012

Peace always! Enjoy the Interview. Shouts to Cassandra and Danielle,
thank you so much for doing this interview with me!