Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bondfire, the last 1 for 2010

The last Bondfire for 2010 featured me and DJ Polstyle!  The Monthly Bondfire features some of NY's dopest was an honor to rock this last joint of the year and of the decade ;-)

(Tasty Keish & Tah Phrum Da Bush on the 1s & 2s)
Although we got hit with a blizzard the day before the turn out was dope! 

(it was a tough commute but we made it to the venue!)

(Polstyle & Jesse Abraham)

(JA, MC Faceman & Warren Britt, "The British are coming!")

(me & Top $ Raz....
1 of my favorite emcees from NY reppin the new school, he has such a sick stage show!)

(Kalae All Day & Mio Fujieye)
(YC making a cameo during Kalae's set!)

(Liz one of the dopest people you'd meet in your lifetime, I'll testify & amen that...Amen!)

(DJ Polarity in the middle of 2 creators Liz & Martha)

(happy bornday Jorge!  he got busy on that painting too! Capricorns stand up)

(hang in there Polstyle!  he bounced to rock yet another gig!  he totally kept grinding thru the crazy blizzardry)

(that's that look like..."nah ninja you dont wanna test ya might...don't do it" haha Conscious is Kaiju) 

(Baron of Red Clay...waddup!)

(crazy, crazy, crazy freestyle cipher at the end of the show all to my beats..i did a lil producer showcase ;-)
(one of the basslines to a Hokuto No Ken flip...Conscious was bodying the freestyles!)

2010 arigato gozaimasu...mata ne.. zehi zehi
(Coolie High, Tasty Keish, Warren Britt, Me, Conscious & Baron (rt front))
it was dope to rock the last show of 2010 with such great, great great artists and friends..the show streamed online... friends like Kaz and Lady L, cavalier and Chase all tuned in to vibe to the it was a great look.. despite the crazy, crazy blizzardry we did it!  2010 thank you for all the connects.. let's rock 2011
peace and love
RAVAGE the MeccaGodZilla

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Teena Marie last interview, her thoughts on Corny Music

Wow... Rest In Peace Teena Marie... she talks about corny music! God Bless you Teena Maria
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Beautiful Circle

If anyone knows Japan's JR Yamanote Line, on the map it appears as a perfectly green circle of popular stations that each have a unique history.  My sista Jyue Kirishima decided to dedicate an art piece to the legacy of the Yamanote Line...and I must say, it's awesome!  the original source is here

mite kudasai.

12) Tokyo(変換後).jpg

02) Shibuya (変換後).jpg

06) Osaki(変換後).jpg

07) Shinagawa(変換後)001.jpg

10) Shinagawa(変換後).jpg

11) Yurakuchyo(変換後).jpg

27) Shin-Okubo(変換後).jpg

17) Uguisudani(変換後)001.jpg

09) Hamamatsucho(変換後).jpg

18) Nippori(変換後).jpg

19) Nishi-nippori(変換後).jpg

13) Kanda(変換後)001.jpg

21) Komagome(変換後)001.jpg

23) Otsuka(変換後)001.jpg

26) Takadanobaba(変換後).jpg

28) Shinjuku(変換後).jpg

15) Okachimachi(変換後)001.jpg

the original source is here

Peace itsumo
RAVAGE the MeccaGodZilla

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sabit NYC Xmas Party

We got the invite to hit up the Sabit NYC Xmas party...
it was dope because in the past I modeled their clothes in Tokyo (check "No.3" here

We hit up Sapphire lounge and Went in! Mio...set it off!

( could u not want some.... rolls.. jeez! rolls! sheesh!)

(Toko and the girls tearing it down!  btw..some of them will rock the Apollo this coming February!)

(go Rie! go Toko... go Rei)

(Rei, Rie and Toko.. killin it)

(what up A-live!)

(BK is everywhere yo!)

(yeah yo..we're global! u can't mash it up any better yo!)

(rings and accessories on swoll!)

(who's not a fan of toko and mio!)

(who's not a fan of toko and mio part 2 :-D)

(A live powering up real fast...

(boom..ends up next to Santa's lil helper, helping herself to some red lipstick ....A live..ur the man!)

(haha my face is priceless lol.. yeah suahd!)

(Santa getting it in)

(all the backspinning and Santa's trimmed down... i'm saying ..this is far from dirty santa)

(lol..dirty santa)

(2 of my fav peoples..)

(we met at Mari Koda's step up 3D party..real talk..her energy is really dope... so much fun partying with her and friends...much respect sista!)

(A live..u & Ren's faces are saying what I was thinking. once the ladies started dancing this party got crazy! i feel u bro..i feel u!)


(it was Fourd's Bday too!  ...

...Happy birthday Fourd!)


(Lol! yeah.. anaconda underwear..not for the "...average joe..doing average things..with average hoes" - method man...mio's wilding! hahaha btw.. nice legs and bumper 0_o !!)

(support this black owned company !)

(after party meal for mio)

(the after party meal for urs truly)

(yes.. i still have jetlag dammit! AND!!!!??? lol see what had happened was i was tryin to make space for some more food.. u have to be at peace when making space so it too a moment)

Thank you Sabit NYC!.. Merry Xmas!

Shouts to Cavalier, Nelson, A-live of Greenstreet, Suahd the Brooklyn Good Guy, Raye 6, Ness, Conscious, Keish, Emjae and Ren and all those there and not there...i was wishing we were all there to vibe out it was dope!! Me and Mio had a great time kick it with the guys & linkin with Toko, Rei, Rie and more! The girls danced up a storm.. tore it down...
RAVAGE the MeccaGodZilla


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