Friday, July 30, 2010

TGIF - Lauryn HIll, Keen and more

Thank God it's Friday yo!  Well thank God for Everyday.. Friday in particular because I woke up to some  new music from Lauryn Hill & Keen.. enjoy the below:

Lauryn Hill - Repercussions New Hip Hop Music & All The New Rap Songs 2010

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thank God 4 Thursday

God Bless today, Thursday.  The weather's good..and my inbox just received some great music.. if u check below..the Jay-Z remix of sweet is my favorite joint!  So what am I talking about... well.. one of my producer in crime buddies unleashly some madness with his new "Beats And Cheese"

In anticipation of a new solo production album, A Feature Film, taeOne put together a nice mix of his favorite joints from past productions and features that he's created over the years. Its an eclectic mix, everything from sweet love songs (LEX "Show Me Your Mind") to hardbody instructional lessons on ghetto slang (Midnight Specialists "Slang"). Of course his group the Midnight Specialists is repped heavily, but you get a nice range of artists from Guilty Simpson to Jay-Z as well as his fellow New York Rhyme Exchange cohorts. Even threw in an exclusive instrumental for the rappers out there to get their spitsville on!

Here is a steaming link sponsored by

If you prefer to DL an RAR/ ZIP direct, here you go

Any and all feedback is appreciated. If you want a free hardcopy lemme know. If your a blogger and you dig it post it up on your blog too or feel free to click like on that datpiff page. Either way I hope you enjoy
Shouts to taeOne!
taeOne albums on


2.Jay-Z – Sweet
3.Fabulous – Already Won
4.Midnight Specialists – Who It Is
5.Guilty Simpson – Watch Your Step
6.CBC – Then & Now
7.De La Soul – Troubled Waters
8.Jay-Z – No Hook
9.Andre 3000 – Spaceships
10.Midnight Specialists – Porn Bitches
11.LEX – Beautiful
12.Clipse – Emotionless
13.Joe Buddens – Long Way To Go
14.Suede Jury – Touch You
15.Midnight Specialists ft. Reef, LEX, Amen – Dutches & Phillies
16.AZ – So Sincere
17.Midnight Specialists – Slang
18.Amen & LEX – BQE
19.AZ – Cant Stop
20.Midnight Specialists – Anabolic
21.Beat Break
22.LEX – Show Me Your Mind

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Shiro meets d-pi???

The art of networking!

So earlier in the day YumeFest had an event in Dumbo for Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest week. I booked S.Y.O.R and DJ Tomoko and Yuka for the event! I went to the YUME FEST joint to support S.Y.O.R. DJ Tomoko, Yuka and DJ SARASA. I had to leave around 9pm to make my next event with Shiro and DJ DAS. Me and d-pi ventured to NYC after I text everyone to come to Das' event after the YumeFest joint. Sarasa headed straight to my party, Shiro was at the party about to paint Live while we were gonna rock the mic..long story short.. i hit up a few heads.. and everyone ended up at the spot for an interesting mash up as Shiro and D-pi displayed incredible skills painting and spray painting for one of the illest and in my opinion, legendary collaborations!

 Of course you know I had to film it all too!!!! lol

Shiro X Dπ from Raynard Faux on Vimeo.

peace and love to Shiro and D-pi for both being professional, skilled, open and incredible fun artists! Shouts to DJ SARASA for getting her paint on too! haha she helped a tiny bit!

Tomoko and Yuka were performing every single day, they must've been tired but i am happy they came thru to support! All you gotta do is send out a few text message and incredible things was great because Das got to meet some of my fam.. everyone met each other the network is bigger yo.. not saying I'm dat dude but you know.. i feel we only live once so why not try to link good people together.. that's my life

I dont care about social stats or whatever.. i just keep connecting yo so that our lives have a positive impact...kind of like how Jesus is a carpenter..

so am I.. I build yo.. LIKE REALLY BUILD!
and now Shiro and D-pi are aware of each other and have collaborated.. btw..shouts to MC K-Swift, Mad Soul and Ness of the A-Alikes

thank you Shiro and D-pi
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Friday, July 23, 2010


Enjoy the photos from July 2 July 3!

The day before the 4th of July BBQ... JULY 3rd.. this is how I move thru the city in 1 day... Some people don't like NY.. seriously on any given day you can bump into EVERYONE!!!!!! how'd I go from Mez to Afrika Bambaataa??? You'll see!

(Mez throwing up the Pez sign)

(Bryan.. Ray...)

(Bryan's crib is amazing.. even more so is his MUSIC.. dammit soo talented!)

I left Bryan's crib to run uptown to Shiro's party


I was initially gonna drive but there was soooo much traffic.. i was soooo late getting around.. so i decided to hop on the train to meet.. Shingo and Chikako

We finally made our way to the Bronx..and what can I say.. Shiro got BUSY preparing for her big day... CHECK IT!

Shiro's the truth man! You know how you get the vibe that your friends now could've been your siblings or more in a past life.. Shiro's vibe is just water yo.. i feel like she's 1 with me.. such a great young woman.

(PESU showed up to support his friend Shiro)

(Who's that in the light blue hat? Bgirl Mari??? :-) yes!)

(Real talk that's Afrika Bambaataa!!!!)

Shiro's apart of Zulu Nation if you don't you know.. for the essence of Hip Hop to REALLY be there the day of her opening Gallery in The BRONX.. is amazing.. Shiro's spirit is really great.. I can't stress that enough ;-)

So real's you like the dose of Yin???? Now for the actually YANG.. "and when it hits.. it hurts inside" - Bruce Lee...
okay friends and fam.. mite kudasai:

I'm unbelievably tranquil to be on my leg$$$ when it comes to cash. I'm completely bankrupt yo. I still have a roof over my head and a world of support. I think about everyone who's been here in this position...down to the last, last, last handful of cash...$ Damon Dash, Creature, Marvalous, 50 Cent, and more. Even more so I think about the fire in the belly of my forefathers like Frederick Douglass that simply refused, much like Kunta Kinte, to be bound by slavery or controlled by someone else's will. I don't wanna be a slave, ever again to what America does to people. I was miserable working for someone else. Bound to my desk..with my creative thoughts beasting at all times... You see me smiling because I am really happy to be alive. I have nothing, nothing but + NRG (positive energy). The question is how hard was I really, really trying...and why am I completely tapped out??

My walk thru history is unique...and tough...It is a virtuous one, I didn't say perfrect for the truth is NOT perfect but it is virtuous, especially to myself. How can I work and make a living for someone else if I really don't wanna do that!? I'm so anti it's eating away at me!

I didn't hit rock bottom because I still have my health, good looks (lol) and creative mind.

All I got is my word and my skillz. What I've been focusing on is being in harmony with the universe (with God). Wealth..what does that really mean? My character might be wealthy.. my spirit and understanding might really be wealthy depending on who's observing or building with me... but that doesn't equate here... ima figure this out.. maybe i hiatus is best ..ima figure it out... don't worry this is just documentation of the path I'm on.. stupid maybe.. I could give a fuk less at this point.. I don't have a face..or a wall.. I got my heart on my sleeve..

My jayz remix album american monsta has over 100,000 downloads.. my michael jackson remixes are over 30,000 downloads.. i know I'm doing something right but it's seriously the question of what separates the men from the boys? that remixes i got online for free download originally had nooo promotion at all.. just bong..they're up.. find it if u can... how to translate all those hits into something that can really help sustain me... quitting is not even a possibility .. if i quit i am gonna be the walkin dead at the day job

私の言葉は未来を創造 sooo.. 有言実行 !

(my words create the future so I gotta walk the talk)

what I have now is a canvas.. no paint.. Just a brush ..water and zero gravity

“The time to take counsel of your fears is before you make an important battle decision. That’s the time to listen to every fear you can imagine! When you have collected all the facts and fears and made your decision, turn off all your fears and go ahead!”
— General George S. Patton, Jr
shouts to Jesse Glacken and Khoi Vinh’s Subtraction Blog
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

JuneJuly 6/30 - 7/2

Sometimes I feel like when I go out...the fam and friends don't realize how much I do or how much gets done.. below are the photos of me in passing in NYC doing what I do best. Networking. If only I knew how to get paid from this ability...haha I gotta figure it out ;-)

(just finished Xiaolongbao with my sista Bgirl Mari...u might know her from Step Up 2 movie)

from there..i had time to kill so I ventured uptown to check Mez who's currently working on this:


My days are best when there's multiple, unique and amazing people to see and talk to! I don't feel like I'm the only one, if u get my drift :-D

The next day I head off to get my car inspected! I had to run around a bit and car door comes back like this

WTF!!!!!!! my back rear passenger door is hyperextended so my black ass can't open the driver door from the inside without rolling down my window and squeezing that protruding rear door close to the car body in a timely fashion to open my door quickly? This is an old car injury from someone who was sitting in that rear seat and didn't see a bike delivery guy riding so the door captured this delivery guy like a web and thru him backwords.. comprende? That was a really quick account of what happened.. now i gotta fix this door and it's $$$$$ I don't have really to spend.. sigh! I gotta get out in the streets and sell CDs! soon!

That same night though, Yuka was in town so I took her out to meet d-pi who's friend Nate was in town. Nate's an amazing pop and locker.. we hit up Voodoo Lounge to watch Black Sunn, El Gant and Bekay rock NY's Brown Bag Thursdays. Such a sick show! After that we ended up hitting up DP One's party! It was awesome to watch the old school fam pop and lock and breaking and tearing it up! such a sick party!

(Yuka and d-pi)

(Nate and his lady...they're both reppin Australia)

(yuka, ron, me, nate and his lady)

(the fam)

Despite incredible times, my time to myself is the most incredible, internal wars...the war of compromise...of being a slave to the system again.. I'm like crawling thru, it maybe be your neighborhood, or your country... totally undetected unless I open my mouth, smile or perform to let the light out... and when the light comes does the darkness..which i find a lot in the people I want to be in love with... either way...I am grateful for the people that understand me or fight to understand me... many times after these incredible, impetuous bursts of gung ho'ness...i seek solitude...and that's when the darkness of those outside of me gets vicious...and I close my door and keep my mouth shut..and people are confused and hate it...and I feel like maybe there's something wrong with me.. but all athletes and fighters are this way no.. after Destroying competition...or going all out..don't u need time to reflect.. u need solitude to rebalance right?

The control that time and communication has on our lives is is such a blessing but such a curse when it dictates how we are supposed to behave or we manipulate it to behave in such a way that we can get off not behaving properly hehe.. tangents are great... sine over cosign u know?

Part 2 of how July 2nd's adventure is coming next! Let the brain and memories unwrinkle itself so that u can really be in the mind of me, myself and I..the artist you know and the artist most of the world doesn't know ...

I'm seeking I am praying everyday.. many times a day to be at one with the universe.. if I can achieve this.. I'll have internal peace..and if I strive to have this..i'll have more internal peace than internal unrest

peace and love
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DJ toMU from Japan.. wow

gosh.. my dude DJ toMU is a monster.. peep his PV!
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Monday, July 12, 2010

What are friends really?

It has nothing to do with my status or the money I have or anything material. We make each others lives better thru hook ups, comforting words, prayers (that you sometime can't feel because of how private they are...Just cuz u can't feel these doesn't mean someone isn't praying for u) and more

Wait..let's look at life... what is life exactly? it's the lifelong journey of learning how to communicate within yourself and with others.

what is life exactly? It may be the lifelong journey of learning how to communicate within yourself and with others. *** When there is miscommunication between 2 other people you can choose to objectively take sides or realize everything is 1 and try to repair the situation. But you might be asking WHY..WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THAT.. and I say.. why the hell not? Life is not promised tomorrow.. No One knows what life is like in "heaven" No one's come back to tell us what the afterlife is like.. thus this existence is our so called "heaven" You can choose to make it terrible or extremely blissful for as long as possible. Even in heaven, if you know the story of lucifer, heaven isn't always bliss...however heaven as a whole can be if we make it this way... I have no issues with any of you...Please..if u have issues with me.. say so.. don't hide those thoughts let me know... sometimes i have to take breaks socially breathe... and calm down... if this hurts you personally..i'm sorry..if u cut me off because I am striving to stabilize my mentality then maybe we've never been anything close to friends in your mind... I treat everyone the same... the issue is "time" I value it..but i am not a slave to that.. why is it that some friends that I love can not be seen for 3 or 4 years at a time...but when we link again it's love..and if they are here and i don't get to see them.. it's still should be .. life is what life is...and it's not always able to yield what we want... do not condemn me for that... I am not your enemy... I am not alive to personally piss you off, or hurt you or anything

Do you think I just wake up to make sure your day totally sucks? Do you think I wake up to plot on how i can fuck up your day? We do the best we can with what we can do. Time is not always our friend..if we run out of time. .maybe we should focus on the amazing times we've already had and try again

I am happy being alive... i struggle with so many things within but am extremely happy for the smallest clean water to drink (not the rusty pipe taste that's in our tap water at times) or really good melon for breakfast with the blessing of eggs and wheat bread...haha

What are friends really? A TRUE FRIEND IS SOMEONE THAT MAKES YOUR LIFE BETTER. Physical appearances is not always possible.. but Words that are either emailed, texted or spoken or physical. They are thoughts that came from something immaterial and are transformed into language which is something tangible (arguably some will say at times lol). Say if I was just dead like days ago. Would you still be pissed? Oh u might read this and be pissed about why I can easily talk about death... "Fear of the Creator is the beginning of Knowledge" but fearing death is nothing and should be nothing... i've seen so many of my child hood friends and family members just die! i miss them.. so much..that i've cried thinking about them.. to this day.. especially more for my child hood friends.. we should grow old and have our kids link at barbeques to play around at the parks etc.. i diverge though...

When some of my friends have died... I keep thinking about some incomplete promises. I keep thinking about how human I my left pec is not 100% in alignment with my right one.. one of my traps is bigger than the other.. my left tricep is bigger than the right one..but my right arm is stronger than the left. I like to swing for left field when I'm hitting.. i always aim left. my right foot is wider than the left.. the fingers on my right hand are fatter than my left hand. My head is not perfectly shaped and is the reason i don't stare in the mirror too long... I am the only one that can probably see that though haha u know what I mean...I am human... just like you. I strive to be objective as much as possible so I can see clearly... your verson of the story, my version of the story and then "what happened"

If I am wrong I always apologize. Apologies are often few and far between because people have too much pride. I might be going thru this now..thus venting on this blog...

I try to always stay in the zone of "what happened" and if what happened was rude and it's my fault, i'm sorry.

Life is too short to condemn your friends for mistakes. Life is always mistakes and learning yo... i am physically not perfect.. mentally not perfect

if I was i'd be the man.. i mean i'm the man but i'd be soooo content within that i won't have black capricorn days (jamiroqui) or dog day afternoons (pacino)... i don't wanna wild out like mr. douglass in falling down...

Enjoy ur life.. i am not perfect.. if u try to make me perfect.. i will ask God to make sure ur feelings are not destroyed when you realize i am soooo human that I'm the epitome of human

I LOVE YOU.. because you are me and I am you. You may be like what the fuck? And while you are figuring that out... i am going to keep reminding myself for being grateful for all the small things that make my life healthy and happy


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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Based or Fake Patois?

My brother Divine Life sent me the below joint!


very dope!

Lastly lighten the mood with Das Racist - Fake Patois! LMAO!