Wednesday, September 29, 2010

*Support My 1st Ever solo album... Perfect Heaven (天): The Ryu Black Musical

Be the first to Support RAVAGE's (that's me!) 1st solo album EVER ....Perfect Heaven (天): The Ryu Black Musical by visiting KICKSTARTER HERE:

Hey ... I finally did it! After 3 years of hardwork I am preparing to release my 1ST EVER Solo album called "PERFECT 天” (aka Perfect Heaven) on 1/11/11 (Jan 2011)!

You may be saying "so what's so special about this?" LOL!

The PERFECT 天 album is a start to finish musical (mmmm not quite like Sound of Music or Westside Story LOL) of a world warrior's journey to meet friends, pursue happiness and deal with the opposing forces to genuine happiness. I take on the moniker Ryu Black and recruit my favorite indie artists from all over the world (notably NY, NJ, PA, Philippines, Canada, China, Japan, ATL, and more) to help play characters, collaborate on songs & collectively to build the story and dialogue of this album.

"Perfect 天's" music is heavily inspired by my favorite video game Street Fighter II, my respect for anime, martial arts, Hip-Hop culture, world travel and the quest to figure out the true meaning of life!

Major labels spend millions releasing records & helping the artists get to the top giving them a publicist, a marketing/promotion team, an excellent product, and, most importantly, a budget to make it all happen.

Being that I am an indie artist I unfortunately do not have those luxuries. I have to do all those things by myself. In addition, some incredible artists feature on my album that truly are worth way beyond what I can afford to pay them but they still recorded out of respect for me as an artist and the Love for Hip Hop music...such a blessing!

I chose to try kickstarter after much research and study. My buddy Mega Ran just finished a successful push here! Also RAS KASS, a hip hop legend and 1 one of my favorite rappers that the industry didn't give a fair shot, tried kickstarter and was extremely successful! Check out his success here!

Yes! He raised over $13,000 USD to promote and create a limited addition CD!
In similar fashion I am making the attempt to do this too.

DJ J Ronin, MeccaGodZilla & RAS KASS (42nd street NYC years ago)

In order for my first album to have a powerful beginning I teamed up with to take pledges and donations from friends, family and peers to see this vision into fruition. To do this right, I am striving to raise $2500 in a 35 days to press up limited edition CDs and promote this properly. I have lots of cool rewards and gifts for those that help pledge and donate so please check the kickstarter page here and watch the video.


Based on how Kickstarter is set up, if we don’t reach the goal of $2,500 then I don’t get ANY of the funding. Every Kickstarter project must be fully funded before its time expires or no money changes hands. So it’s really up to you ...your support will help one of my biggest dreams come to life.

In order to succeed ...Please tell friends, ballers, millionaires lol and family about this page:

Thank you for reading this and THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!

And for those of you who are curious....
Here's the track listing for the new record "PERFECT HEAVEN"

1. Satsu No Hadou (Dark Soul)
2. Ansatsuken (The Assassin's Fist)
3. Hayashi N Kaze ft. Masia One (Forest & Wind)
4. How Hadou (How I do)
5. Goen feat Divine Life (Connections)
6. Once Bit 10
7. Sakura chan ft Sakura (Cherry Blossom)
8. Cry
9. Heaven ft. Mariannie
10. Chun Li ft. Mega Ran, Masia One & DJ SARASA
11. Yama ft Dashah (Stand Like a Mountain)
12. Metsu Ansatsuken (Murderous Assassin's Fist)
13. Dojo Kun
14. Cypher Yamanote ft. Atari Blitzkrieg, Arablak, Baron, Cy Marshall Law, Kensho Kuma, Hop & Hona Core
15. No Worries ft Sakura
****Bonus Tracks
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Shux Wun - Japan

I have the privilege of actually being this young man's friend and it's just amazing how humble he is.. it's awesome.. If you want to know what Japan is really like..via the eyes of an artist... if you wanna know how things look and what the scene is like there.. then watch below nuff said!

Shux ur the man! (Reference: We All Japan)
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Props from!

A lil bit of honorable mention via Sohh.. peep this. Me, DJ Tomoko, Yuka and Mio Fujii showed up as a lil team to rock LiKWUiD's album release party at Wealthy Ho$tage...such a great day..shouts to Gene and Pricetags, Wyze Myndz, Game Rebellion and everyone that helped make this happen

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Live Kanye West Footage from the VMAs 2010

Kanye KILLED THIS SH*T!!!!!!!!!

Runaway (Live): "The rapper performs his new single from the upcoming album 'Dark Twisted Fantasy' and is joined by Pusha T and ballerinas."

NOT sure if the real producer heads, the real beat making heads really feel me on this one.. but was this performance not crazy? He's got the piano dropping on the snare.. itz simple but I got suckered into the genius yo... he said "She find pictures in my email...I sent this girl a picture of my HEY!..." LMAO..wildin!
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If you don't like it.. F**K YOU

My boy Mr. Grim in Australia has a torrent account that reached over 1 Million Downloads by way of me and a team of great hip hop artists.. Please enjoy the first collaboration here

and if you don't like it!  Then F**K YOU!  LOL

01. Campfire Intro The Tale of the Princess - K.Murdock [iMANGAnation].mp3
02. Beginning - Junclassic feat. Monsta X prod. Husky [Imaginary Enemies].mp3
03. Blue Magic - Jay Z prod. RAVAGE [American Monsta].mp3
04. Diary of A Madman - Cyrano prod. JSLIKK [Cyrano's republic].mp3
05. Family Ties - Willie Green feat. Billy Woods of Super Chron Flight Brothers [...Of Heroes and Villians].mp3
06. How Many of Us - Y Society - Damu & Insight [Travel at your Own Pace].mp3

07. Epoch - Mega Ran & K.Murdock [Forever Famicom].mp3
08. Beats From the East - UnderCurrent - IV the Polymath & Junclassic [Drum Machines Have No Soul].mp3
09. Unsigned Hope - Cyrano prod. Cynergy Soundz [Ya'll Gon Soon C-Y].mp3
10. Going In - Monsta X prod. Husky [The X-Factor].mp3
11. John McCain Remix - Super Chron Flight Brothers prod. Ravage [Indonesia Bonus Disc].mp3
12. Puzzles - Y Society - Damu & Insight [Travel At Your Own Pace].mp3
13. The Ooh Ahh - Junclassic feat. Cyrano prod. J. Slikk [Late Nites and Early Mournings].mp3

14. Reggie Miller - Super Chron Flight Brothers prod. Willie Green [Cape Verde].mp3
15. Pack-Up Line - Panacea - Raw Poetic & K.Murdock [Corkscrew Gaps].mp3
16. A Song 4 U - Cyrano prod. Cynergy Soundz [Cyrano's Republic].mp3
17. On A V.I - Junclassic [2 Much Ain't Enuff].mp3
18. Never Off (On & On) - Y Society- Damu & Insight [Travel At Your Own Pace].mp3
19. The Dynamix - Dynamix - Junclassic & Monsta X [The Campaign Vol.1].mp3
20. Broccoli - The Super Chron Flight Brothers [Indonesia].mp3
21. Dream Master - Mega Ran & K.Murdock [Forever Famicom].mp3
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Step Up 3D & Das Racist

I highly doubt yall ready for this new Das Racist joint.. it is so incredible it's too incredible to write about anymore...check for all the video game references in this video! can play the video game right here!!

I saw Step Up 3D finally the other day out in Strong Island at Roosevelt Field.. 3D glasses and all that!  Yes it was a PG style movie but it was INCREDIBLE!  You already know the plot was light weight.. but the dancing totally balances it out..not to mention the guest appearance from Grandmaster Caz and Marley Marl...

My sista Mari totally did her thing and is the reason why the Pirates even had a shot at the Finals! haha if Mari didn't help..they wouldn't be able to... eh.. i won't ruin it.. but if you know the kind of person she's just amazing that she reps this type of character in the movie too!  It was like I know she's playing a character but I felt like it was so much of her in the character too!  Lots of fun and always holding it down!  Go Mari!

How bout I need to add this last joint by Das Racist... lol..

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