Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Music: Revenge of Hollow Man

New Music: Revenge of Hollow Man

Bashton Da Invizabulman
Revenge of the Hollow Man

Label: F5 Records
Released: November 23, 2009
Genres: Hip Hop
Length: 46min

• Album $9.99 BUY IT NOW


1. Terrachrome (Terrachrome (Produced by Ad Rock)) (3:31)
Ad Rock Track $1.11 • Wishlist

2. Git That Wrong (2:52)
DJ Crucial Track $1.11 • Wishlist

3. C Da UnSeen (C Da UnSeen (Ft. Son Doobie)) (2:55)
Son Doobie Track $1.11 • Wishlist

4. Feel It Now Now (2:56)
DJ Crucial Track $1.11 • Wishlist

5. No Answers (No Answers (Ft. Nato Caliph)) (3:01)
Nato Caliph Track $1.11 • Wishlist

6. Iz U A Hard Rock (2:37)
DJ Crucial Track $1.11 • Wishlist

7. Burnin' Trees (4:29)
DJ Crucial Track $1.11 • Wishlist

8. New World Order (2:06)
DJ Crucial Track $1.11 • Wishlist

9. Swore My Life (3:11)
DJ Crucial Track $1.11 • Wishlist

10. Flowers For The Living (2:53)
DJ Crucial Track $1.11 • Wishlist

11. Cowards Die (Cowards Die (Ft. MF Grimm & Jihad The Gifted)) (3:57)
Jihad The Gifted Track $1.11 • Wishlist

12. Insurected Uprise (3:00)
DJ Crucial Track $1.11 • Wishlist

13. All The Fuss (2:31)
DJ Crucial Track $1.11 • Wishlist

14. Terrachrome RMX (Terrachrome RMX (Prod. DJ Crucial)) (3:18)
DJ Crucial Track $1.11 • Wishlist

15. Concilliari (Concilliari (Outro)) (2:14)
DJ Crucial Track $1.11 • Wishlist

Monday, November 23, 2009

Infinito 2017 (is Marcellous Lovelace)

Infinito 2017 (is Marcellous Lovelace) -
Year In Review (free download Album)

An album of selected titles of Infinito 2017 from 2009. Year In Review gives you a look inside the multiple album titles he has made, a sample of a few albums.

Production credits from Fathom 9, Dj Waht, Black Sparx, Cool D, The White Shadow of Norway, Maxptah, Soloman Cain, 950 King. Guest vocals from 9th Scientist and Knuckles Bandit. for more info goto: http://www.infinito2017.com

download link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/k00run

Sunday, November 22, 2009




the irony of this...You're gonna kill a gay young man and go to jail where.. the men aren't "gay" but will most likely rape you and make you a lil side piece.. .seriously..what was dude thinking?

Seriously that's so gay it's like kamikaze gay? Why would you kill a gay man to increase your chances of getting fucked in the long run... literally... pause. Dude's actions were weak and "gay" in every HIP HOP SENSE of the word... seriously, what a loser! Shouts to all the gay people standing up for their rights... I admire the open choice to fight for what you believe in...so funny how straight people rarely fight for anything. Not to mention people are soooo damn concerned with what the heck everyone else is doing... it's like mind ur beeswax...i'm not offended by gay people, why? Because I don't care...if ur not threatening my existence..i'm cool.. "Your own kind is your worst enemy" That's something my dad taught me and to date it's true... I am more concerned with catching a bullet from my own kind than even engaging in a troublesome situation with a gay man or woman...


For the Love of Ray J... I am hooked.. this plays perpetually on MTV and I am LOVING IT!!!!! LMAO!

hahaha.. I keep thinking about when Common spit " ... you the Ray J of the rap game..." on the Electric Circus album... Years later..superhead wrote in her book Ray J out of all the industry kats he was the best she's ever been with pause! Then he's got his own reality show.. i like that dude is doing him...constantly just going for his.. regardless of people maybe trying to hate on him etc...

He's an underdog in the industry but stays getting his shine on.. good sh*t my dude! Mind you I am not a fan..but his presence on that reality show is awesome LOL!!!! Check here

I LOVE IT! After Luscious slept with the next dude...Ray J forgave here and she is still on the show!!!!! I LOVE IT! Everyone makes mistakes right? Bad judgement is part of our DNA as human beings..the ones that really survive are the ones that don't make as many mistakes as others on some real sh*t! I am in tune because I honestly, after creating www.kickgame.com and working for MF GRIMM for a few years with Day By Day Entertainment Inc. have not watched television in years. I catch like 2 weeks of Television once every...mmmmm. 6 or 7 months? Now I am home enough to see it more and it's entertaining. Mind numbing YES.. but I am still entertained! I am watching because I haven't been exposed to what the youth are watching, so now I am studying..staying up to date :-D

**Political crap

How can we seriously gauge how well Barrack is doing in a country that was already losing tremendously before he even took office? And why does the opinion of these losers that didn't make it into office

even matter? The media here in the USA is so effin annoying. Just report news and stop glorifying these losers! Seriously, Sara Palin which I am happy for her to get her life stuff down on paper for sale.. (shouts to ghettomanga)

gooooood sh*t. But still you lost...keep your comments to yourself about what is good for the country... When it comes to strategy in order to help the US do better... sh*t it's like we really don't know what will work so when the current president is getting his rocks off at least try to see the importance of what he's doing. Renewable energy is not the way? Uhmm.. let's really take a look at this... what positive effect does burning and using oil have on the planet? Say if the cars were all solar powered (I learned about the true power of the sun at the Museum of Natural History NYC),

wouldn't that be better for earth?

Say if there was a way to build a plant that runs off the SUN in an area where there are people suffering from job loss... would'nt there be a possibility of getting these people back to work!? How b out there are high school's here running off nothing but solar energy..why is it these schools are an experiment and not the norm...

Why is it that our planet is dying on so many levels but the urgency to do something about it is absent. This planet seriously needs a renovation... hopefully i am not on it when the process happens...

Friday, November 20, 2009

The View

The view and I don't mean Barbara Walters. Many times thoughts get clouded when tragedy strikes, so much so that it's comical. One of my aunts was murdered earlier this week, and I just felt bad for my mom and her oldest sista... the situation is just foul and just totally uprooted my entire self... I was so out there I just didn't want to talk or email much or anything. I got outta my 4 day stint with depression this past Thursday and emailed my friend Who Mixed This? to help me edit my video. He did it so fast it was almost comical how quickly. He is clutch, he is my friend... Mix.. thank u for that!

I'll catch up with yall soon

Thursday, November 5, 2009

GODZILLA B*TCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GODZILLA B*TCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YANKEES WIN!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU GOD! Thank you!

Haha.. okay, okay! You know, I am just sooo proud.. from the country that feels from what I was told "If you stick out too much like a nail you will be hammered back down"...an idea that Japan works as a group as a society ...it is great to see Matsui win the MVP.. it's amazing actually! :-)

I am happy for GodZilla aka Hideki Matsui...he totally, totally performed so well this entire series... He's sooo humble too...simply amazing! He is one of the main reasons the Yanks won this game today & the World Series... thank you GodZilla! lol

Monday, November 2, 2009

Nov 6 Benefit Show, Me Losing my job and more!

Peace friends and family,

On October 30, 2009 I got laid off from The College Board (www.collegeboard.com). I worked there for 6 years assisting students, educators and parents via email and telephone. I helped thousands upon thousands of students make their transition from high school to college as smooth as possible...I am thankful I was there to talk to many of the kids because many times I found out the hard way that the guidance counselors are overworked and can't handle all of the students. I refused to let students fall through the cracks due to the fact that parents just have no idea what to ask guidance counselors about the college application process. For the last 6 years I have spoken to no less than 60,000 people... Mentally, this lay off is a blessing because I can finally pursue what my spirit is telling me to pursue!

I am now and forever will be (God Willing) a full time artist. I cannot deny my spirit any longer and will fully push my abilities to the limits via music and graphic arts..

If you would like to support my music, please feel free to buy directly from itunes (search for MeccaGodZilla Erroars) or you can visit my store here:


I am striving to finish my album "PERFECT 天" Please stay tuned and thank you for patiently waiting on this!

This Friday (November 6, 2009) I am doing a food, clothing, toys & books benefit show to help the children of New Jersey by way of Pricetags Ent and 5th Column. (random fact: I am apart of the Pricetags Ent Team ;-)

The winter/holiday season is coming and your old clothes (especially jackets!) could really help when it gets cold outside. Books! Books are highly encouraged. The talent that is set to perform at this event is by far some of the metropolitan area's best artists. Please come and support us:
@ Karma Lounge on November 6, 2009 Located at 51 First Avenue (Between 3rd and 4th streets) in Lower Manhattan. Be there by 6:30 PM!

peace and love!

R.A.V.A.G.E the MeccaGodZilla
(Restores Artistic Vision And Growth Everywhere)
Email: info@ravagenrumble.com