Monday, January 25, 2010

Photoshoot w/ Applebum JP

So this was my 1st photoshoot as a model for a clothing brand and it was a blessing! I met Nicholas the 2nd night I was here in JP and we got to vibe for a little while (shouts to DJ SARASA for making the connect). Nicholas, I swear has a NYC style heart yo.. you feel that vibe when you are around him. I also bumped into Meow earlier..and Meow's presence lights up the room yo! Little did I know they both worked at Applebum...after getting a wardrobe upgrade at the office...I've been running through Tokyo networking and rocking the gear...the quality of the clothing and the meanings behind the gear is just dope! You'll see!

The catalog should be amazing! Shouts to Concep and Ken(shiro) .. Concep was killing it .. Ken had this lean.. this model lean..that was just too cool... I called him the Hokuto No Ken of modeling yo! He was too cool!

I met Yuco there.. i haven't seen her in years since the photoshoot in brooklyn for Consequence. We immediately remembered each other..little did I know later that Lady L who was there with Yuco and Concep would turn out to be fam from years ago! I used to write to her on myspace about her spoken word skills! She's dope! You can find out more about her here...she takes outstanding photos as well and can give you ladies great tips on hooking up your make up!! Ironically, we finally met in japan ! It also turns out that Concep went to school with d-pi... such a small world.. d-pi's my brother yo! The Applebum photoshoot turned out to be one of the most powerful days I've ever experienced...I am so thankful! Enjoy the gear..the catalog should be out soon! support the clothes.. Applebum Japan

stay tuned for more! :-D

Lady L

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Akko's bday @ Organ Bar

There's a young lady that I continuously bump into when hanging out with DJ SARASA.. She's one of the coolest people I've ever met.. always chilling.. and sooooo cool to talk to! Akko's the best! Shouts to Organ Bar, DJ SARASA and the fam... Akko's bday at organ bar was dope!!!!

(Akko, DJ SARASA, Mio Fuji and I think..Mama Large)

(me & Zen La Rock)

(Dice, Akko, & me)

(Chiba & me)


(Alan, me and Richard ...they rep Australia)

(me, Akira and Zen)

(d-pi & Akko)

(@ Club Harlem)

peace and love yall!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miles Cafe...Ikebukuro

Last night...I hit up Ikebukuro to enjoy some live music and got asked to spit! I ended up rocking with musician's who've toured and worked with some great names in R&B and some hip hop artists Nate Dogg, Warren G and more...

Jino, Masa and Jay Stixx Killed it last night! and...your boy MeccaGodZilla dropped a quick 16 to get the spot live!

(Jino & MeccaGodZilla)

I also meet the Nasty Girls last night who showed mad love after I rocked the stage

and even though Iroha walked in late..she gave a lot of support to the kid too!

(Ms. Ayumi of Miles Cafe, me and Iroha)

(Mio & Iroha)

(Mio, Lisa, Myrah, Jino,...front row, Masa & Ms. in the back!)

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Walk this this way

So far my trip to japan is really productive and a lot of fun! I am thankful yo! So much craziness is going on back home though... It is an incredible situation, mentally, to balance the tough situations at home and the love here! It's baffling actually. My man, Brian, just suffered cardiac arrest..he had a heart attack, pneumonia and then went into a coma. This was like the day after Haiti got hit with a 7.0 banger! My mom's side is from Haiti, My dad's side of the fam is from Barbados! I was born in Brooklyn Jewish Hospital.. Although my parents moved us to Long Island when I was young I still visited Brooklyn often and went to the Kyokushin dojo there on Flatbush Ave...Brooklyn has a huge population of Haitian families and I am sad for Haiti right now.. .really really sad... My family is going through some situations in addition to the aforementioned that I can't really discuss but it's tough... especially on my mom... I pray for her all the time.

Anyways.. in the midst of the madness back home.. below is a sample of what's going on ;-) as I push my existence and artform to another level. I actually got an official upgrade from the Applebum brand. Their gear is sooooo on point and very Witty Unpredictable Talented All Natural... they are doing stuff that reminds me of NYC...recently they teamed up with Wutang to bring to you some great gear..

It's ill because the 1st 2 records I ever bought with my own money were The Pharcyde's "Passin me by" and Wutang's Protect Ya Neck!!!!! Applebum totally rocked the Wu style.. check it out here

2 of my free download albums recently got reviewd by Cold Glass of OJ Blog..peep! below..shout's to Vocab!

currently this is over 70,000 downloads between the websites and mininova..OVER 70,000 Downloads!!! such a blessing!

currently 17,936 downloads!


Soooooooooooo as you can see.. my brother D-pi made it here safely...and we both will strive to evolve as artists.. .below is a dedication piece I asked him to make for Lu Nagata and all the japanese pole's great because the other day I visited Lu Nagata in Akasaka and we will work together in the future.. possibly a video or live show together with a live band ;-)

(MeccaGodZilla & Lu Nagata - World Pole Dance Champion...artwork by d-pi)

(my friend Kyriek ..2nd from the Left)

Tokyo is great! Shouts to DJ SARASA, Applebum and all the new friends and fam I've made here!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

God Bless Haiti

My mom is family is from Haiti & Barbados. The 1st slave colony to ever revolt successfully and gain it's independence has had a history of problems dealing with the economy and more. To date, the haitian people fight on to survive. Recently Haiti got Rocked with a 7.0 earthquake! God Bless My family! If you would like to help or send donations.. even $1 is enough to donate. Below are tips on where to donate and how!!!!!
peace always MeccaGodZilla

My sister is taking me about it if u wanna donate.. more info is below

Peace G.A.ME Family: My peoples at Malcolm X Grassroots Movement are consolidating information on how to help people in Haiti. One of the main things that some organziers have been concerned w/ is donating to the right organizations. I agree w/ the apprehension and skepticism of donating to an org. you don't know. But, in the end, all we can do is trust folks we know... Sometimes, money is all we can provide, nonetheless, the attachment by Prof. Lumumba Bandele illustrates ways to donate in-kind items. So take your pick. I am going to donate some money, not because I don't have a plane ticket, but because more seasoned forces are in motion there.

Remember, organizing is not made up of some leader, director, or super organizer who is special w/ her integrity and super gifts. He/she relies on others to do their work in their part of the world while she/he concentrates efforts in his/her area. My recommendation is to let Haiti and those on the ground and those in NYC who have been on that mission for years receive our resources that are most easiest in our possession. If you have fam or a personal connection there you are in a great position to give guidance, knowledge and a voice to what we should do. If I didn't know the organizers who recommended these spots like Prof. Lumumba, Rosa, & Rockia I would be skeptical too and would have NO clue on how to move.

Hopefully, you know I wouldn't steer you wrong.

1. Check the attachment

2. Make a Donation to MADRE, Inc.'s Emergency & Disaster Relief Fund
MKU's third national philanthropy, MADRE is a reputable organization that is working to get aid to members of the community and local organizations that are working to support the earthquake survivors. Through this secure link you can make a contribution of any amount to MADRE, Inc.'s Emergency & Disaster Relief Fund--please share this link with others in your family, your co-workers and your social networks.

3. Send Clothing and Food to Donations to the Yéle Haiti Foundation
The Yéle Haiti Foundation was founded by musician/activist Wyclef Jean "to restore pride, a reason to hope, and for the whole country to regain the deep spirit and force that is part of our heritage." The Foundation's mission is to create small-scale, manageable and replicable projects to contribute to Haiti's long-term progress. If you would like to make donations of clothing or non-perishable food items, contact the Foundation at or via postal mail at PO Box 2345, New York, NY 10108. To leave a voicemail message, call (212) 352-0552.

4. The Caribbean Cultural Center will serve as a Drop off for new clothing and food donations.
408 W. 58th St. (between 9th and 10th Ave.)
212.307.7420 ext.3008

5. RADIO HAITI of east flatbush

I thought MXGM was doing something in addition, however, they are currently working with the listed forces.

G.A.ME has made no official move to become a site location to receive donations, however, I would be open to hearing from soemone who would coordinate that from a phone and computer. Coming to the Bronx office would be optional. If such a move was designed we would link w/ more seasoned folks close to the ground who could offer direction and move resources to Haiti. Currently, the official G.A.ME move is the usage of the information I have provided. Any additional information can be passed through this listserve at will. Generally, no information passed through this listserve needs anyone's validation.

Omowale Adewale, Executive Director

Grassroots Artists MovEment (G.A.ME)

G.A.ME Center: 235 E. 172nd Street
Bronx, NY 10457
Phone: 718-690-3393
Fax: 646-792-3323
Cell: 917-239-8992

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Bonita, Bonita, Bonita...

The 1st half of today was such a blessing. The below image is a testament to what I am talking about. Soon I will have great news about what's going on. For now...visit below

Much Respect

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