Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Move to Japan & my 2009 in REVIEW

To my family, friends and fans,

Seriously was it just me or was 2009 one of the toughest years to live through!? For me it was a constant up and down ride on one of the worst rollercoasters ever HAHA... We made it though! Overall I cannot express how thankful I am for what I have and for what God has allowed me to do in the world of entertainment including the ability to become a full time artist.

With that in mind I am going to live in Japan for a season or 2 and will leave on January 8, 2009. The Internet makes it easy for me to still connect with artists and family here in the USA so I can basically be global while vibing in Tokyo.

To recap 2009, I made music for NIKE, visited Japan to rock 5 shows and climbed to the top of the legendary Mt. Fuji with 3 of the best friends I could ever have. My "Mike Marvelous" tribute to the passing of Michael Jackson reached 14.000 downloads when my expectation was merely 5000. My American Monsta remix album has reached over 68,000 downloads this year and my album/CD "Erroars" sold out in the Boston Hip Hop store 5 times (The Giant Peach (Cali) and Fat Beats (NYC) now have it in stock). If you want to support this CD email me or hit up those stores (check itunes as well)!

With so many accomplishments in the midst of close ones passing away, my close ones getting into legal troubles, me getting laid off, and more I am thankful I am still healthy and still kicking. We all have this adversity and I know I am preaching to the choir lol but I will say thank you to everyone that has been there to encourage me even during my most human moments (dealing with my mistakes and my victories). I am simply thankful.

We are connected as they say for a season, reason or a lifetime. This existence is a constant rollercoaster but I want to personally thank you for being there to experience with me my journey through life as an artist. For right now I am happy that you are still here, still reading what I got to say, you are still inspiring me to keep going and hopefully vice versa. NOW on to my 2009 RECAP...You may NOT have an idea as to how much I've done this year so below is a list of my 2009 features and accomplishments. Please enjoy!





* RAVAGE, d-pi & A.I. Platinum dedicate "Work That" to Japan's highflying ballerina style Pole dancers.

For more info:

* WYDU blog Interviews RAVAGE:

MARCH 2009:

* DJ SARASA & RAVAGE team up to provide the soundtrack for The NIKE Troupe ID Battle website!

* RAVAGE launches a NEW VIDEO "Gabarah" prod by WHOMIXEDTHIS?

Gabarah is featured on the RAVAGE the MeccaGodZilla CD titled "Erroars"

* RAVAGE produces "My Love" feat: MegaRan & Rufus Pipes off the MegaRan9 album.
Available here:

* RAVAGE's album "Erroars" sells out at (Boston) for the 3rd time

April 2009:

* RAVAGE produces the "John McCain Remix" for the Super Chron Flight Brothers' "Indonesia" album

May 2009:

* RAVAGE does the album cover for the Notoriousvillain Mixtape (B.I.G. -vs- MADVILLAIN) prod by WHOMIXEDTHIS?
Download it HERE:

* RAVAGE does the album cover for Sim-E's "The Layover"

* DJ FUSION of Fusebox Radio interviews RAVAGE:

* RAVAGE vocals featured on DJ SARASA's "One Time" of the Mr. B-Girl release

* Underground Unseen interviews RAVAGE:

JUNE 2009:

* RAVAGE rocks the mic for the Grassroots Artists MovEments "Green Hip Hop tour" in the BX:

* RAVAGE teams up with Krohme and Fidel to feature on DIVINE LIFE's "Blitz" single. Available here!!

* RAVAGE produces "Why Do I Do It" featuring thekeenone, Reggie and DJ Haze for the West Coast Banger "The Getaway" Available HERE:

* RAVAGE raps on the "Renaissance" track via junclassic's "South Side's
Savior" mixtape available here:

* RAVAGE and Jaysage release "Mike Marvelous" A Tribute to Michael Jackson. To date it's at 14,455 downloads! Download it here:

July 2009

* RAVAGE performs for Tongo Eisen-Martin's Write From Wrong @ the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe in the LES (NYC)

August 2009

* DJ SARASA & RAVAGE to rock 5 shows throughout Japan and Climb Mt. Fuji during his 2 week stay in Tokyo!


* RAVAGE rocks Karma Lounge:

* RAVAGE guest stars on "Bionic 6" for the junclassic album "Imaginary Enemies"
Purchase CD & Listen here!


* RAVAGE rocks the Rebel Diaz Artspace in the BX

* RAVAGE releases his 2nd single using the Ryu Black moniker called "Heaven"
featuring Mariannie & junclassic. What's amazing about this story is that
my friend Mari was suffering from cancer around the time she laid down her
scratch vocals. While undergoing treatment Mari got the courage to lay down
her vocals for this single "Heaven." In early November, Mari revealed to me
that she's completely healed from Cancer! God Bless!
Please Download the “Heaven” single here:


* RAVAGE helps organize a Food & Clothing Drive with Pricetags Entertainment @Karma Lounge NYC

* RAVAGE rocks Brown Bag Allstar Thursday's show during CMJ Week NYC 2009 documented by Hip Hop's Legend Ernie Paniccioli.

* RAVAGE & Majesty Reunite on stage to tear up Karma Lounge


RAVAGE featured in Anna and Andrea's HIP HOP DOCUMENTARY TRAILER

I want to give thanks to all my friends, coworkers, family, bloggers and magazine fam that continue to support me and talk about me. To the fans that have gone above and beyond to help me expand, making videos, linking me with other artists and talking about me to your friends and on blogs...I LOVE YALL like brothers and sisters.. I CAN'T Grow without your help! 2010 should yield more growth and great music! To my family, thank you for your trust and your concerns...both help me stay unreasonable with my quest in life. Peace and love... itsumo

R.A.V.A.G.E the MeccaGodZilla aka RYU BLACK
(Restores Artistic Vision And Growth Everywhere)

Here's an album you can use to fuel your commute, workouts, and more...

Monday, December 28, 2009

The New Karate Kid???

I cannot believe they brought this back! This look exciting why? Because it's jackie chan and will smith's son!

The storyline already looks like it's gonna be crazy! I am happy the "bullying" theme is still there... I can't wait to see how this goes down on the big screen considering how crazy the stories about bullying are in Japan..I can't even imagine what it's like in China!

Here's an album you can use to fuel your commute, workouts, and more...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Flying Lotus - A Decade of Flying Lotus (mixed by GLK)

ENJOY!!!! Flying Lotus posted up some madness!

"Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone
as we’re approaching this new year, I felt it was time to let go of some things that have been gathering dust. Some old things, and some new things, I tried to pick out tracks that I know yall haven’t heard yet so there should be surprises around every turn.

can’t believe i’ve been making tracks for over 10 years now..That said, there’s so much to learn still. I hope you all enjoy this mix. Thanks to the Gaslamp Killer for doing an incredible job on this. Can’t wait for you all to hear my album ‘Cosmogramma’ coming out April 20th 2010 on Warp Records.



Here's an album you can use to fuel your commute, workouts, and more...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!! (audio treats) and New Year's girl!

Merry Christmas!!!

So what are you getting into for Christmas this year? In regards to gifts...shoot...when in doubt save for those last minute saviors known as gift certificates! Below are a few holiday treats from Miami, France & Brooklyn, please enjoy and support...

Christmas Rap (japan only!!!!)

Buy it here:

My friend Miss Amasian aka Laura is in a pretty big competition to be Miami's 2010 New Year's Eve model! The prize is $10,000. Yes it's a recession yall and with the click of your can like really help this young lady who's in school as an accountant ;-) (like she'll know well, what do do with the winnings lol) Please vote for "Laura" as 1st place choice HERE or here: so that Laura can be the MIAMI NEW YEAR's Girl for 2010!!!!

***if Laura wins...WE WIN... Please take a moment and VOTE simply by clicking on the picture and voting for 1st place! (pass it on please)

My friend Flev from France is a production wizard...he dropped a lil gift for us on Xmas.. play it below and download it:


My partner in rhyme Sim-E is a beast on the MP too.. please enjoy his Free Album for Christmas!

SIM E - "Holly Day Classixxmas" Produced By: SIM E (2009)

DOWNLOAD HERE via Mininova
DOWNLOAD HERE via Sendspace

WhoMixedThis? Thank you for posting this up at mininova bro!




Here's an album you can use to fuel your commute, workouts, smoke or freestyle sessions and more. Visit here more info

Erroars  produced by RAVAGE the MeccaGodZillarelease date 11-11-2008 by Godsendant Music (thank you Krohme!) 

ALSO AVAILABLE...American Monsta

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Yo... real talk, sometimes I grind soooo hard out there and feel like at the end of the day what do I have to show for it? Will anyone ever believe these stories that my eyes, mind and soul have recorded? John Legend on stage with Jean Grae at an event we through back in 2004 for CMJ? John came from MSG straight to Crash Mansion to party with us!

Will anyone believe me, Mez got an invite from MF Grimm to run up in Carnegie Hall with the head of Red Bull to watch a DJ scratch with the orchestra there? After that we hit a Red Bull party downtown to party with madlib, j rocc and more??

I am grateful...this journey doesn't add up to material wealth yo... but on the divine scales of measure, I wonder sometimes if I am being a good man by always going against the grain and not NOT take risks when I get that feeling to leap! Yo.. this week was awesome... Mentally challenging because I am going to move to Japan in January. By taking a risk I got invited twice to go up to Chung King Studios to build and just be me, do what I, build on ideas and be an activist.

Of course I can't spill the beans in detail about what we talked about but it was a blessing... this was all given to me on the strength of DJ SARASA...thank u sista!

I got to link with Akir you may know him from Immortal Technique's albums... Did you know that Akir makes monsterous beats, to the point that as a producer myself I admit he's dwarfing my skills? Dude is a beast and has inspired an entire new chamber of thought related to making beats! Can't wait for yall to hear some music!!!

After vibing with Akir.. I decided to check out my Mike Marvelous Album I collaborated with Jaysage on and can you believe it is now over 12,000 downloads?

I am so thankful! My goal was for it to get to at LEAST 5,000 downloads by the end of 2009. I'm damn near to triple what I expected it to do! God is good yo!

I got to witness another snow storm and then get out there with my nephew and my Dad to take care of business shoveling!

These days I don't physically make time like when I was a kid to pray BUT this week was great... from intimacy to (I'm a lucky man.. my lady was killing me!!!), amazing food and great people to build with. I am so thankful for my health and for experiencing this week.

With much love and respect to the energies that have created me and the friends, peers and family that have shaped me. I am so thankful...

The future is gonna be awesome...



Karma is located on 51 First Avenue (Between 3rd & 4th streets) lower manhattan - soho area. Everyone must be 21 and Over to enter venue so bring proper I.D. Karma does not play and I can not do anything about you getting in if you forget your I.D. Doors open @ 7:30 and the cover is $15.

Monday, December 21, 2009

"This is Hip Hop" Movie Trailer

This is the ruffcut trailer made by my friends from Sweden Anna and Andrea. Check it out on ubetoo now! Me and many of my peers and friends are featured in this.. Please support us by clicking the link or video below...

"... We're releasing it exclusively on ubetoo, the whole idea is to get some $ going. We get paid by ubetoo per every unique play so please help out by spreading the url. The more people watching, the more money for the project. Straight up brilliant.

Hope you all enjoy, we know we do. Happy holidays and...

Let's go: " - Anna

For Love of Children by Erin L. Snyder

One of my friends and former co-workers is totally getting in in! The below description of his book is hilarious and sooooo interesting!

"Set in the aftermath of World War II, "For Love of Children" is a dark fantasy novel whose characters are drawn from a mythology of nursery rhymes and fairytales.

Santa Claus, a former bishop who achieved immortality through magic and alchemy, is torn between a desire to help the world and a need to control it. At best, his gifts are symbols of generosity; at worst, they are tools of manipulation.

The tooth fairy is the last of her kind. When her race was taken from the world she remained, unwilling to leave the children she loves. She is alone, hunted by Father Time, who seeks to rid the world of childish things.

Peter is neither a rabbit nor a man. His memory is fragmented and uncertain. For centuries he has existed in secret, hiding from mankind and himself. Once a year he emerges with the spring, leaving painted eggs and straw baskets for the children of a nearby village.

Narrated by Mother Goose, once a goddess who's been all but forgotten, the novel explores the dangers of idealism and the pain of loss.

Print copies of "For Love of Children" are now available at and are coming soon to A version for the Kindle is also on the way and should be ready soon." Erin's mind is amazing! support him if you can...


Monday, December 14, 2009

Just another...

Last week/ weekend was INSANE. So much from meeting actors, to attending shows, to being schoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooled by Akir in regards to being a better man and producer (DJ SARASA going to that show was the best idea yo! Thank you!!!), to chillin with Mio, DJ SARASA, cousin, friends and my sister! Happy birthday Nik.. your bday party was amazing! peace and love! I hit up Brooklyn Bodega for a DJ SARASA interview and ended up making more connects and getting some airtime as well. let the pix do the talking ;-) Life is days are so full yo! To top it off, I got a message from WhoMixedThis? stating that my Mike Marvelous collabo with Jaysage is over 10,000 downloads!! check it here

Thursday, December 10, 2009

NY's Finest on Chay Day

Even thought I woke up a tad bit late, I got so much done. I tracked out a song I did with Kensho Kuma called I Is. Miraculously I found the session despite me having to wipe my PC clean because of a virus a few weeks ago. I set up Mio's PC too, she's got a brand new dell yo.

It was about mmmm 9pm, I finished showering and bounced with the whip from L.I. to Soho to link with my best friend who's in town now, DJ SARASA. She was running with Halcyon and Chay. In transit Majesty hit me up so I convinced him to walk from Chambers uptown to Bowery Poetry club. He was with it...such a trooper yo! I got to NYC around the time he hit the area, found parking and boogie'd to link with him (that walk was no joke). While walking towards him.. I saw a homeless brother with a
black plastic was kinda breezy...humbly i just walked next to him, held out a dollar bill and was like, can you use this. He was like thank you so much.

Sometimes in NYC the homeless men and women are in their own planet. They do accept change and cash but not all the time, so I found out. Sometimes they just wanna talk, sometimes they don't wanna be bother. Last night I was so happy I could add on a little bit. After seeing him, a few steps ahead was the poet Chris Slaughter! It was amazing to see Chris yo. Chris has a great heart and teaches during the day, some of the toughest students in the city. I look up to him, he was spitting before I hit the scene and after buying his book circa 1999, I aspired to be great like him. He kicked it for a minute and I convinced him to see "The Road" which is a great reset for the human mind...Chotto depressing but really good!

Me and Chris said our peace and seconds later, I linked with Majesty...we bumped into G of Rebel Diaz in front of Bowery Poetry Club... Rebel Diaz is the truth yo shouts to Rodstarz..that's my dude right there...We peace up with G and his crew and ventured to catch DJ SARASA and her fam...Shortly after we linked with Krussia and we all ran up in a nice lil spot on Bleeker where Geology and Wajeed tag teamed the turntables for the night. It was ill because even though many people on the scene don't know me well by 1st name, they still are like "Yoooooo I knew that was u been..last time I seen you was...." I like that... You don't have to know the name yet... the fam recognize though..and show love... it's a blessing... I'd say more so because Wajeed and Geology are already's ill.. last time I saw them was in Central Park this summer.. they were bouncing from the park with the lovely Lady Kier:

The night was crazy... I met an indian cat named Shy and his friend Megan.. both mad, mad cool. We vibed to Wajeed getting busy on the tables, we were damn near 10 deep with the addition of Chay's friend MC K-Swift. It was great because DJ SARASA was getting busy off what K Swift was spinning was awesome.. her dance skills are always on point..she gets it in on the bgirl tip! I had to bus out the running man and a tiny bit of uprock myself lol...After kicking it for a few hours and having fun (on Chay's birthday night) it was time to bounce. I had a few Erroars in my pocket so I hit off Geology and Wajeed with them.

I wanted to hit a young lady with one of my cds and she asked me "uhmmm tell me though who are you..." As soon as I opened my mouth she was like " you know Amir??" I was like nah, not yet...she was like "You don't know Amir!!!!" then she put her hand in my face like if you don't know Amir then you're wack? ...I was speechless..did we just take a trip back to 1997-98 when it was cool to do that! She she-hulked a tiny scene that Majesty was not trying to entertain so my convo with her was done. I only approached cuz she seemed like fam of the djays etc...

I don't judge people on who they do and do not know, nor do I judge people on what they do and do not know. If I know more then someone in a particular area ima put them on... but I'm never like that, with anyone one. I respect where people come from and what they might've been through. There's much in my life that I have done that is documented that I can rattle off on some activist steez for the black and brown community and at the end of the day on a galactic scale, on a divine scale, might give me a kudo, but really means nothing. If you are a good person you are a good person and if your bad, you're just and a$$hole straight up. I am not ever, EVER trying to be and a$$hole

I peeped in a few moments who Amir (I found out while writing this is Amir Abdullah) was... I waited for him to take a tiny break from his own cypher to introduced myself... I told him... "If you're doing work throughout that day and can play this as some background music to vibe to, please feel free"...he was mad gracious yo... Amir looks like a young Dr. Cornel West. I felt bad I had to meet him like that, it was forced but I had to do it...Amir was cool from what I could tell with the djays for the night.. I peeped that too.. when bouncing I said peace to all the brothers in the cypher. In regards to that one young lady that wanted me to read her palm...Was I supposed to begin to peel the layers on some banana sh*t? It was sooo juvenile, I was like lo que sea yo...I was with such a great mix of peoples was her energy even like that when all of us were getting it in yo...? It's NYC though these kinds of people are always attached to the scene... I know it's hit or miss with people but I know where I'm going, maybe she will find out later like all the other haters ;-)

After the spot I drove the fam back to Brooklyn.. I tried to see if junclassic and Monsta X were rocking in Williamsburg. Their show with Waxpoetic got canceled. Thank God for Cell phones. I had a car full of peoples that were ready to hit up BK and get it in! After dropping off the fam, yes we all hopped in my lil AB and Majesty kicked it and broke bread literally at Crown Fried Chicken..and yes it was finger licking! yeah it's a hood spot.. yeah the chicken clogs arteries EARLY ...yeah the french fries are good as hell.. yeah it's not the healthiest but yeah yo it was damnnnnnn good! I headed back to NYC to link with Mio and give her the PC i hooked up for her..she was super happy yo...she'll grow quickly now on the music tip..i'm sure

The night was good. Most of my NYC nights are like this. It is amazing to see how many bonds you can build in a lifetime and it's fun to go out and connect, connect, connect with so many people. I really appreciate life for this reason. Much love to DJ SARASA, Majesty, Halcyon, Krussia, Mio, Chay, K-swift, Geology, Wajeed, Shy, Megan, Chris Slaughter and more... Life is good. Normally I don't spill the beans in regards to who I'm running with etc, etc... last night was pretty crazy so I had to write about it haha.. Below is some video from last night's Cypher!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm alive and healthy...

...and thankful! Sometimes we get in the habit of complaining etc, etc. It can always be worse. Be thankful for what you have now. ;-)

I am alive and I'm healthy...