Friday, July 24, 2009

WEST COAST! keenone - the get away album!

the keenone's NEW ALBUM featuring RAVAGE, B-Real (Cypress Hill), ILL BILL, Sen Dog, and More. keen reps Philly and her!

"This by far might be summer's MOST INCREDIBLE ALBUM.. keen tears that mic apart! She's got flows for many different styles.. simply amazing!" - RAVAGE

DOWNLOAD her album RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this is a FREE ALBUM..pass it on and blog about it!!)

thekeenone- "getaway"
01. keep movin' feat. Young DE (produced by Fredwreck, cuts by TRT)
02. hit that shit feat. B-Real, Reg Riddem & ILL BILL (produced by B-Real)
03. legal drug addict (produced by DJ Starscream)
04. getaway feat. Sen Dog and Zed (produced by Charles Patierno)
05. american fun (produced by Sumone)
06. why do i do it feat. Reg Riddem (produced by RAVAGE the MeccaGodZilla, cuts by DJ Haze).mp3
07. burn ride (produced by Vanderslice)
08. pass it around feat. Reg Riddem & Sekreto (produced by BAER)
09. i got it feat. Mike Tenor (produced by JRB)
10. stoner's prayer feat. B-Real (produced by Zed for Chemical Studio Productions)
11. we don't understand (produced by Agent B)
engineered, mixed & mastered by Zed for Chemical Studio Productions
all songs recorded at the Temple Studios in Chatsworth, CA, except "pass it around" and "why do i do it", which were recorded in keen's closet in Long Beach, CA, and "we don't understand" which was recorded in keen's living room in North Hollywood, CA

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My feature on Junclassic's Mixtape Southside's Savior

I am featured on song #15.. READ Below and download the mixtape!

Dub MD and Junclassic are proud to present "Southside's Savior", a mixtape comprised of 22 tracks and nearly 80 minutes of music. Yes, Southside's Savior will fill an entire CD-R! Great for long drives and romantic hood barbeques! and maybe even a midnight bar brawl depending on the track selection and part of town you in.

Half of the mixtape is a collection of raw original tracks featuring production from both established and up and coming heavyweights including DJ Husky, J-Zone, and Blakasper of The Plague. The other half of the tape consists of various beat jacking that vary in tempo, genre, and even that beloved Boom Boom Bap that we can never quite get enough of.

Junclassic's new album "Imaginary Enemies" will be in stores September 8th, 2009 on Classified Recordings, Limited Edition collectors item, produced entirely by DJ Husky. Physical copy only: put down that f&**ing iPod and cop a muthaf**&kin CD and appreciate some incredible artwork, courtesy of new york urban painter Alan Coogan-Prieto, the anti-digi movement begins September 8th!

Make sure you check out Dub MD & Nametag Presents Classic Cadence Vol. 2 droppin online August 10th for free download, along with various other projects throughout 2009 including the likes of Judah, Karniege, Dominique Larue and more.

01.) Neva Gon' Stop (Produced By Statik Selektah)
02.) Real Shit (Produced By DJ Qualls)
03.) Accordianz (feat. Monsta X) (Produced By Madlib)
04.) Reel Raw (Produced By Iron Curtain)
05.) Best Around (Produced By DJ Husky)
06.) Everybody (Get Money) (Produced By Groove Groove Medley)
07.) Lovin Life (feat. Lejon Lewis) (Produced By The Neptunes)
08.) Mama Used To Say (Produced By Junior)
09.) Clocks (Produced By Coldplay)
10.) The Owner (Produced By DJ Husky)
11.) Forever In His Childhood (Produced By DJ Premier)
12.) Google Game (Produced By WK)
13.) Yesterday (Produced By Jumpster)
14.) I'm Ready (Produced By Heatmakerz)
15.) Renaissance (feat. Monsta X, RAVAGE The Meccagodzilla & Ceez) (Produced By Q-Tip)
16.) I Can Tell (Produced By Rick Rubin)
17.) Try (feat. Cy Yung) (Produced By By Black Milk)
18.) 950 (Produced By 950 King)
19.) Waitin In Vain (feat. Bob Marley) (Produced By Blakasper)
20.) The Dope Song (Produced By J-Zone)
21.) Livin In This Dream (Produced By Licks)
22.) Yes! (Produced By Krohme)

© 2009 Dub MD Promotions

Friday, July 10, 2009

*Mike Marvelousーマイケルジャクソンに捧ぐー (A Tribute to Michael Jackson)

*Mike Marvelous - A Tribute to Michael Jackson

Me and my good friend/producer Jaysage teamed up to make something for all of you to enjoy. Please download this and pass it on:
DOWNLOAD Mike Marvelous here:


Peace and Love, life is short, live your life and enjoy every moment.
-mike aka RAVAGE the MeccaGodZilla

*Mike Marvelousーマイケルジャクソンに捧ぐー

DOWNLOAD Mike Marvelous here:


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Votes Needed (time sensitive, I need you)

Friends, I need your help. Seriously, seriously need your help.

VISIT HERE and vote for Ruby Red Please..

My friend Ruby Red is an independent, ambitious, young dancer with no
major backing, no commercial $$ support, just skillz. Ruby is from
Taiwan and is a choreographer that works with everyone including young
kids. Ruby's goal is to single handedly introduce Jamaican culture
and dance to Taiwan.

This is similar to what Junko from Japan did years ago by winning the
dancehall queen competition in Jamaica. Ruby's chance now is not to
compete for dancehall queen but something more unique. She is
currently the #2 finalist to be in the Mr. Vegas Video shoot. Mr.
Vegas if you don't know is a really popular vocalist from Jamaica!
Check this out here (read the instructions carefully hehe)

If Ruby wins, Mr. Vegas will pay all costs and fly Ruby from Taiwan to
Jamaica to star in his video! This notoriety will open up so many
doors for Ruby to grow her career.

Can we make her dream come true? Can you vote for Ruby's video? If
you cast your vote, please pass this on to your peers and friends.
This is a once in a lifetime shot and Ruby can win, she is very, very
close to winning. Please repost this link!

**You may ask why am I sending you this? Well it's because I'm a hip
hop artist that is doing everything 100% by myself and I know how much
hard work goes into making yourself be heard. She's doing the same.
Please give her a hand and vote for Ruby Red.

Much love and respect.. if you vote for her definitely hit me back and
pass it on. Lastly let me know how your 4th of July weekend was if
you celebrate.