Monday, September 21, 2009

Live Your Dreams...R.I.P DJ Roc Raida

Here's a Recap from the Weekend..

Saturday at 6:30am RAVAGE wrote:

I wrote this on the LIRR on my way to a forum to volunteer for people who are transforming their lives to live with more integrity so that they can really be the best people they can be

Just think about it...we are blessed with our health, we can see, hear, touch, taste, smell and love. All these things that may seem like nothing are so important. I remember in 2002 I got deathly ill and lost my sight, taste, touch, sense o smell. The roomate I had complained to his wife about not want this huge slice of tomato. I remember hearing it and crying cuz I didn't eat solid food prior to in almost 3 weeks. Sad thing was when I cried no tears came out cuz I was so dehydrated. When I noticed that I started laughing lol. Long story short love wat u have and live in the moment. There is no past or future just now, respecting the now and loving the blessings u have now and appreciating them. To everyone on the friends list. I love u. Itsumo. :-) live ur dreams

We are blessed. Go for it!!

Omg!! Rest in peace DJ Roc Raida.

My condolensces to MF Grimm, the X-ecutioners and all the djays, emcees and bboys, graffiti artists and hip hop fans that showed nothing but love and support for the djays and tablists worldwide. I rocked at the DMC ...regionals in 2004 and rocked the mic while roc raida was judging. Such a great feeling Anyways life is not promised if u personally need to call some u haven't spoken to in forever make that call today and tell the people u care about how much you love them. The time The Creator gives to us is a gift... Thus it is called the "present" time or the present moment. Itz the present... Celebrate and love life. Rest in peace DJ Roc Raida.


The Black Sunn said...

didn't know u had a blog..bout to add u to the blogroll fam!

MeccaGodZilla said...

thank you sir! yeah yo!!! i started it not too long ago.. thank u fam!