Friday, October 16, 2009


Yesterday I talked to a guidance counselor from ATL on the phone. I was helping her obtain her username and password to get back into a particular website.

The counselor's phone etiquette was not the best at all actually but the counselor herself was really kind. After waiting in a few moments of confusion while patiently waiting to answer her questions I overhear her say:

"Come by tomorrow before class, I know you may lose your house, and I know money's tight but I will help you get the fee waiver so you can take this test"

The counselor while talking to me, was multi-tasking holding down an emotionally unstable student. I totally felt the insignificance of my personal issues. This young teen was going through something amazingly difficult.

Shelter is soooo's a necessity for survival. I really felt for that child. What was so important was when hearing the counselor encourage the student in such a powerful way, I felt like this counselor totally bonds with her students the way that guidance counselors should. The counselor actually sounded like the students' mom at one point. It was amazing because working at the job I work at, I run into counselors all the time that just don't care enough...


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