Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Still Tokyo Driftin

RAVAGE the MeccaGodZilla E-News

1. Applebum Sponsors MeccaGodZilla
2. United Colors of Benetton Competition
3. Illa J Loves Japan...why is this so important? (enjoy the video)

Applebum Sponsors MeccaGodZilla

I've been living in Japan now for 2 months and so far the experience has been so incredible that it's beyond articulation. Applebum totally supports me and my grind out here, the reward was a request to model on their site, lots of nice gear and a great business relationship/friendship. Enjoy the behind the scenes video as well...



United Colors of Benetton Competition

I entered the competition to potentially be one of the new models for the United Colors of Benetton. Haha, I know, I know I'm an emcee and producer right? I figure since I got love in Japan on the model tip, this competition can't hurt to try. Please visit the below website, and vote for me and my friend Mariko (in order to vote you have to create a username and password.. please hook us up with some votes)



Illa J Loves Japan (enjoy the video)

Illa J, the younger brother of the late, great J Dilla, made his way to Japan for 5 days to rock the mic in Tokyo & Yokohama. I got to capture some moments chilling with him and DJ SARASA documentary style. He was nothing but an incredible, young, humble and classy young man. Enjoy the following editorial that includes my footage & Akkee's recap for the website here:

Thank you to my family and friends for as always for taking a moment to find out more about me and what's going on via email. Besides catching the Tokyo Flu twice since January (hahaha) I am doing well and growing as an artist.

I'll have more information about the music I am creating soon... for now enjoy this tribute to Teddy Pendergrass that I made back in like 2005:

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