Monday, January 10, 2011

Ryu Black Album Delay

"Chotto omachi kudasai" is japanese for politely asking someone to "please wait for a moment"

Similar to the many artists that came before me, we have to mention, in FULL detail that the Ryu Black Musical will have a small delay in being released. The original release date of 1-11-2011 has been pushed back to 5-17-2011.

MeccaGodZilla's tour in Tokyo this past November was highly successful and he was able to shoot 3 Hi-Def videos including a video for the upcoming Ryu Black musical featuring Taiwanese dancer/choreographer Ruby Red. We flew her over to guest star in some videos with Ryu Black(MeccaGodZilla). The time he spent in Tokyo touring and getting the word out was so necessary in cross promotion, however we are genuinely sorry about the timing and delays because without fan support this truly is not even possible.
(ruby red and ryu black filming at armani exchange tokyo)

The album title "Perfect 天" is a huge responsibility to live up to because of the word "天 (Heaven)" and the idea of what Heaven really is. In order to give you the best of our best, Team Manafest has been sending ideas back and forth on different approaches to the album’s overall sound. We came to a conclusion prior to Christmas but then came Christmas and the holidays. We decided to delay the release to really make sure the sound is 1000% perfect, spark the global promotion and make sure that all of the packaging and gifts are impeccable. We realized if I rush to make this upcoming release date we might just forget some of the most important steps for making the Ryu Black Musical "Perfect"

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

peace and love
Team Manafest
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