Saturday, March 12, 2011

My 2nd Home

My 2nd Home took a beating yesterday. I heard from Mio on the phone late last night. I flew to the computer.. around 3:45AM and from that time until 11AM I couldn't rest. I finally forced myself to rest, I woke up today at 9pm

An earthquake of 8.9 magnitude is insane AND a tsunami followed. It totally washed away houses, were people in those?

I just don't see how anyone could've evacuated in time. The Universe displayed tough character once again today.

My existence in Japan is still growing but I've connected to and built with all walks of life,

kids in HS, Gangsters, Corporate business men, Magazine editors, lovely young creators,

DJays, Painters, Graffiti experts, dancers,

mothers, fathers, grandparents..

All over Japan I've made friends, I'm accepted in some families as actually family

There is a lot I love about that country... regardless if sometimes it's not perfect.. but what country is perfect!? I love many of the people there like my blood relatives

I just worry so much about the future of the country, but I do have my faith, so I will focus on the positive memories,

and to all the love I gave to friends there,...

All the great people I've met, ...

All the great food,...

(this was the 1st meal after climbing mt fuji! boy was it good!!!

All of the incredible experiences,....

All of the love...

God bless you Japan!


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