Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lil B, but why?

This is why I like Lil B. Hate if you want to. LISTEN THO.. REALLY LISTEN!

The title of his album is a challenge to the hyper masculine, braggadocio Hip Hop arena. I TOTALLY DON'T cosign the on the fence activity BUT it's ill. Lil B is getting on the cross to rep. Many will throw stones. If he lyrically goes in, like the above freestyle. It will be great... just reality checking people. Divine Life put me on to Lil B. I had no idea until D-Life from Japan put me on. Thanks D

more for u!

You don't have to like his voice.. I am just listening for lyrics.. he doesn't have to be lyrical lyrical.. but if it was YOU, SPITTING AT AN OPEN MIC, SPITTING the same shit.. just you spitting as YOU, people would show love... it's all good.. I don't hate on cats.. I am not a fan of certain cats.. but I rock with some of Lil B's's entertainment to me... when he goes in, it's ill. Love it or hate it.. he's saying some real sh*t

LMAO.. i mad right? WHATEVER .. You can be that! LOL


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