Friday, May 1, 2009

*Interview (audio) w/ Underground Unseen

TGIF! the words of Random and Obama "WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!" Lol! The Swine Flu's NUTS!

Anyways... today, I am featured on the Website Underground Unseen. CLICK HERE FOR THE INTERVIEW!!!!

The sistas did an audio interview with me for the launch of their 1st issue of Underground Unseen. I like what they are doing particularly because they have built a web between NYC, Louisiana and Chicago to spread their word which will be global soon!

Please show your support for me and Underground Unseen and visit the
interview below:

The website will ask you to sign in so you will have to use the below
information to view the feature (don't be a smart A$$ and change it!
***feel free to create your own username and password though if you’d
like to….or simply use the below)

email address:
password: heaven2012

Peace always! Enjoy the Interview. Shouts to Cassandra and Danielle,
thank you so much for doing this interview with me!


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