Monday, May 18, 2009

What a Weekend! Poetry, bachelor parties and more

Talk about Yin and Yang! Wow!

Saturday night was Awesome! RL da Gifted One made his way back up to NYC to do his album release!

GOD such a talented Poet. He did an open mic I remember in the past and was sooooooo inspirational. I went in 1st and did my thing on the mic, he was so impressed he got up there and spit something that just touched me! I bought his booklet of poems that day and stayed in contact with him. Each time he had an event he always let me know to come out cuz the love was there! RL totally, totally showed so much love..he's my big brother for real! when i seen him saturday.. must've been ayear since I've seen him. He showed so much warmth yo..I always feel at home at his shows. His new album is amazing! We had soooo much fun!
and he's such a great host.. he's hilarious AND we had Crack Juice. damn..soo many jokes about that Crack Juice yo!

His friend Chris Slaughter went in on a poem dedicated to Mike Tyson... Phoenixx from the bronx was like the lauryn hill's older sista...her style was like the root of what Lauryn Hill's style sounds like.. seriously..i was like these 2 are 1 in the same! My friend Yong didn't make it to my performance, He had trouble with the trains but he made it there to listen to chris, and phoenix and some other amazing poets and singers! Saturday night was amazing! My performance was pretty good, I haven't rocked the mic in a minute. I know exactly what I need to do! It was great because even though I was sooo critical of myself, everyone loved what I had to say and asked for my contact info etc. This means I did something correct ;-) It was great looking in everyone's eyes while rhyming, you can tell who's really feeling what you have to's great to touch souls like that! Oh! so... Support RL da Gifted One if you can.. his words are so on point and he's a great role model for me!

Friday night, I got to hang out with my friend Li. He had a pizza party with about 15 people and we played taboo. It was soooo crazy. A few beers in the system makes this game soooo much fun! However sometimes people have too much alcohol in the system and the tazmanian devil comes out to show off that stankin a$$. Sheesh. Everyone was cool, I just know to steer clear of 1 young lady!

When we drink, it is fun to drink, you have to know your limit! Getting pissy, wacky and obnoxiously drunk is wack. You can get buzzed, but don't get sloppy.. u know?

Anyways.. that night my friend Jessie from the track team had a bachelor party.. I got to link up with Jesse, his cousins that totally wreaked havoc in school and my other teammates from track. The highlight was I got to see my boy Yong. Yong is cousin's with Li and Yong was 1 of 7 asian kids that I grew up with. My town was kind of segregated for a while, most of the white people were on the south side, most of the black people were on the northeast side the middle of town was primarily spanish/latino.. NOW it's all mixed but when I grew up in the 80s, the N word was still coming out the mouth of some. Anyways, I got to see Yong. He helped me get my weight up on computers back in high school and he had me rocking with Wolfenstein 3D, duke nukem and Hero's Quest... even some star wars.. it was fun learning dos from him.. We talked about sooo much stuff... last time I saw him was graduated 1996. It is ill because even though him and the family are chinese american, they are soooooooooo 1 with me. With Yong and Li I don't see the "chinese" the say way i don't see the "white" in Jesse or my other friends... it's ill because our families are all sooooo different but for all of us.. the drive to be really smart in school, to be athletic and to totally indulge in computers and gaming put us all on the same page... i love thinking about that.. we'd kill for each other i'm sure.. cuz we're 1 in the same.

Jesse back in school along with Yong were both sooo smart. Yong ended up being #2 in my school... he was etched out by a Laura Spiecher because she took "music" classes and got A's in those. Yong was a beast in school! him and Li were soooo smart! I had some honors classes.. I made it to the national honor's society .. i was nasty in basketball, nice in track.. nice with the wrestling, nice with cross country.. i was nice with allllll sports.. i could throw the football, catch. i was nice! haha.. it was good being in the HS space with them.. I remember when my friends kind of abandoned me.. maybe cuz i was still mad skinny, i didn't have the clothes.. i didn't get girls early on.. Jesse, and Yong were fam yo..they totally, totally looked out.. some would call them "geeks" I had the best of both worlds.. i got props from the underclassmen for being a great athlete.. and i had friends via the "geeks" in my class. All the other "cool" kids in my class.. i was cool with but kinda say thru the HS fakeness... I had nothing to prove and when i realized that.. i was able to really build friendships with the right kind of people...

Sunday.. i chilled with my friend.. i took her out to eat some good food.. i was sick from the night before so she totally held me down.. gave me some lemon tea, gave me some spirulina that mixes nicely with water.. she made some rice mixed with carrots and burdock root! it was awesome...i got a lot of rest on sunday and felt amazing! we hit the park and i got to do some plyometrics.. yes i felt that good.. shortly after that..i hit the monkey bars to see if i still got it.. the sun was going down.. a basketball somehow was just sitting in the park.. i assumed at first maybe it's next to the garbage because it had nooo air.. BUT..there was air in there! I got to show off my basketball skills..i have sick ball control yo! my dribble is still sick! I cant' wait till it gets warmer so I can run and get in basketball shape!

The weekend was a blessing yo! Wouldn't change it for the world!

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