Sunday, July 5, 2009

Votes Needed (time sensitive, I need you)

Friends, I need your help. Seriously, seriously need your help.

VISIT HERE and vote for Ruby Red Please..

My friend Ruby Red is an independent, ambitious, young dancer with no
major backing, no commercial $$ support, just skillz. Ruby is from
Taiwan and is a choreographer that works with everyone including young
kids. Ruby's goal is to single handedly introduce Jamaican culture
and dance to Taiwan.

This is similar to what Junko from Japan did years ago by winning the
dancehall queen competition in Jamaica. Ruby's chance now is not to
compete for dancehall queen but something more unique. She is
currently the #2 finalist to be in the Mr. Vegas Video shoot. Mr.
Vegas if you don't know is a really popular vocalist from Jamaica!
Check this out here (read the instructions carefully hehe)

If Ruby wins, Mr. Vegas will pay all costs and fly Ruby from Taiwan to
Jamaica to star in his video! This notoriety will open up so many
doors for Ruby to grow her career.

Can we make her dream come true? Can you vote for Ruby's video? If
you cast your vote, please pass this on to your peers and friends.
This is a once in a lifetime shot and Ruby can win, she is very, very
close to winning. Please repost this link!

**You may ask why am I sending you this? Well it's because I'm a hip
hop artist that is doing everything 100% by myself and I know how much
hard work goes into making yourself be heard. She's doing the same.
Please give her a hand and vote for Ruby Red.

Much love and respect.. if you vote for her definitely hit me back and
pass it on. Lastly let me know how your 4th of July weekend was if
you celebrate.

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