Friday, July 24, 2009

WEST COAST! keenone - the get away album!

the keenone's NEW ALBUM featuring RAVAGE, B-Real (Cypress Hill), ILL BILL, Sen Dog, and More. keen reps Philly and her!

"This by far might be summer's MOST INCREDIBLE ALBUM.. keen tears that mic apart! She's got flows for many different styles.. simply amazing!" - RAVAGE

DOWNLOAD her album RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this is a FREE ALBUM..pass it on and blog about it!!)

thekeenone- "getaway"
01. keep movin' feat. Young DE (produced by Fredwreck, cuts by TRT)
02. hit that shit feat. B-Real, Reg Riddem & ILL BILL (produced by B-Real)
03. legal drug addict (produced by DJ Starscream)
04. getaway feat. Sen Dog and Zed (produced by Charles Patierno)
05. american fun (produced by Sumone)
06. why do i do it feat. Reg Riddem (produced by RAVAGE the MeccaGodZilla, cuts by DJ Haze).mp3
07. burn ride (produced by Vanderslice)
08. pass it around feat. Reg Riddem & Sekreto (produced by BAER)
09. i got it feat. Mike Tenor (produced by JRB)
10. stoner's prayer feat. B-Real (produced by Zed for Chemical Studio Productions)
11. we don't understand (produced by Agent B)
engineered, mixed & mastered by Zed for Chemical Studio Productions
all songs recorded at the Temple Studios in Chatsworth, CA, except "pass it around" and "why do i do it", which were recorded in keen's closet in Long Beach, CA, and "we don't understand" which was recorded in keen's living room in North Hollywood, CA

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Eyesofphases said...

Very dope album thanks for posting