Monday, November 2, 2009

Nov 6 Benefit Show, Me Losing my job and more!

Peace friends and family,

On October 30, 2009 I got laid off from The College Board ( I worked there for 6 years assisting students, educators and parents via email and telephone. I helped thousands upon thousands of students make their transition from high school to college as smooth as possible...I am thankful I was there to talk to many of the kids because many times I found out the hard way that the guidance counselors are overworked and can't handle all of the students. I refused to let students fall through the cracks due to the fact that parents just have no idea what to ask guidance counselors about the college application process. For the last 6 years I have spoken to no less than 60,000 people... Mentally, this lay off is a blessing because I can finally pursue what my spirit is telling me to pursue!

I am now and forever will be (God Willing) a full time artist. I cannot deny my spirit any longer and will fully push my abilities to the limits via music and graphic arts..

If you would like to support my music, please feel free to buy directly from itunes (search for MeccaGodZilla Erroars) or you can visit my store here:

I am striving to finish my album "PERFECT 天" Please stay tuned and thank you for patiently waiting on this!

This Friday (November 6, 2009) I am doing a food, clothing, toys & books benefit show to help the children of New Jersey by way of Pricetags Ent and 5th Column. (random fact: I am apart of the Pricetags Ent Team ;-)

The winter/holiday season is coming and your old clothes (especially jackets!) could really help when it gets cold outside. Books! Books are highly encouraged. The talent that is set to perform at this event is by far some of the metropolitan area's best artists. Please come and support us:
@ Karma Lounge on November 6, 2009 Located at 51 First Avenue (Between 3rd and 4th streets) in Lower Manhattan. Be there by 6:30 PM!

peace and love!

R.A.V.A.G.E the MeccaGodZilla
(Restores Artistic Vision And Growth Everywhere)


Big Ran said...

peace fam... as always, love here.. hold ya head.. and im gonna get that stuff to you super soon! :)

MeccaGodZilla said...

Thank you so much fam!! I really appreciate that bro!

i got your back too cuz you sent me some heat ima get on my job and drop some lyrics soon!
peace and love fam! thank u so much