Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Your Opportunity & My Life

Your Opportunity:
I was gonna post this up on facebook a few times within the last year based on the vibe the universe has given me a few times... now i feel like it's time to post it up so here's your opportunity.

In life there is one person's story about what happened, another person's story about what happened and then there is the truth of what actually happened. Hearsay is wack because it's unreliable. Hearsay is an interpretation of what happened and may not fully happened.

So I tell you this.. Everyone on this page, my personal page is someone that I'd give an arm an a leg for. If you are silently hating on me, or shitting on me..do yourself a favor and delete yourself... I try to show truth through my movements and hope that with slow and steady growth you get that I am trying to be the best man I can be with this ridiculously unbalanced society we have to live in. I hope all 1000+ friends really read this and if you are not really a friend delete yourself for realz. When people die, once again there's no one to report what happens after this body is gone.. this is the only existence we know...with that in mind.. live your life to the fullest..we are the only animals here capable of the emotions of joy, forgiveness and love.. that's a gift..yet we rarely experience this feeling..we live with stress from work, economics and social politics.. also family shit... life is not promised tomorrow so live with no fear and go all out everyday because before you know it.. life can seriously be finished... i lost 2 of my friends before they reached 30, countless relatives and friends within the last 6 years...and all those lives feel like a dream...i can't go back in time to kick it with those people and I can't move forward to visit them in the afterlife because I am here..so all i know is now. With that said.. be virtue... history reveals that virtue is the light that never stops shining thus empires and institutions have fallen or are falling to pieces in front of our eyes. Walk in truth and if you are not doing that... leave me the fuck alone. Normally I try not to curse but maybe if I do this time you will really get it. I am 31 years old.. classified in society's eyes as A Grown Ass Man..and as a Grown Ass Man I have lived an incredible 31 years and it's been good

i created a union
traveled from Paris to Aruba to Japan and more
worked with legendary artists
modeled in magazines and
a clothing sponsorship in tokyo

and more..it's all material shit...my spiritual self was aligned properly one night staring at the stars as me and 3 friends climbed mount fuji.. i got closer to the universe and I was blessed for that...get close to the stars and align ur mind with the stars one time.. no distractions..just u..the darkness and the stars in the sky.. humble yourself... i still have more humbling to go.. i know this.. but seriously..toss ur ego in the toilet for a while.. hopefully for the rest of your life.. and seek virtue

much love to everyone that is virtuous and on my FB page really holding it down..to all the FB fam that I haven't written in a while.. please don't feel any way about it at all.. God Willing one day we can chop it up again.. just remember this is one life to live.. tomorrow's not promised so go after your dreams and goals and try to accomplish them

my nephew.. i love him to death yo

by the way.. Drake is sooo damn smart! this young lady singing is japanese.. with a lil voice like an angel.. love it!

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