Monday, August 29, 2011

Kings vs N_ _ _ _s by Faro-Z of NRO

Live from Black August 2011 at SOBs.

taken from MANAFEST VISION MEDIA's site

We had the pleasure to film Faro-Z of New Rap Order performing "Kings vs N****s" of the Only Built 4 Afro​-​Cuban Linx project . Faro-Z and New Rap Order team really helped raise the bar and set the tone, performance wise for the rest of the Black August performances featuring Kalae, Les Nubians, K-Salaam, MeccaGodZilla, Cavalier, Hasan Salaam, DJ Spinna and more!

It's been a while since we've seen a team, that you could tell, if they were hooping, would be that team that never gets off the court on weekend pickup games. It was a masterful set, spearheaded by Faro-Z. One highlight that stands out the most is the incredible and very angelic opening by songstress Trezure Empire. Secondly, Faro Z, extremely tenacious in delivering a message had another lead emcee as backup, hypeman...Cavalier. Cavalier of BK opened Black August and it was amazing to see the synergy between Faro and Cavalier as Faro left spaces open for Cavalier to fill in backups, perfectly. Now if only Hip Hop DX, All Hip Hop, Okayplayer, 2dopeboyz, DJ booth and more were in the house to see such a flawless performance. And we didn't even post the footage with Faro's dancers yet either! 1 word... WOW!

Honorable mention: Supernova who ventures on stage later in the set and MC K Swift for holding down the 1s & 2s.
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