Monday, August 22, 2011

R.I.P Nick Ashford

Ashford and Simpson are the dynamic duo that influenced a great deal of me musically. My parents used to play the vinyl each weekend when it was time to clean house.

They were 1 of the first soul acts I sampled from when I started producing Hip Hop Beats in 2000

Nick had the coolest hair.. NOT MANY can pull off the straight hair thing but he was one of them...I repeat NOT MANY can rock the hair out!  I saw him in Columbus Circle while driving through and I got his attention for about 3 seconds.. it was cool.. I was able to send him some positive energy via shout out while chilling at a red light.

Sugar Bar NYC was my return after a 1 year hiatus from the music industry after I left Monsta Island Czars, the old label I worked for and a lot of negative people behind.

Sugar Bar was the platform for me to perform some new material and it was great.. a great feeling to have a place known for really great vocalists, receive me and let me do my thing! I met their daughter and she's such a sweet person. I haven't seen her in years but when I did meet her, she was very warm... just like the music her parents create and put out to the world to vibe to.

I am so sorry for this loss to the family and to the fans. I am proud that we still have his contribution to the world of music which will always have a timeless message. Thank you Nick!

Nick Ashford Tyler Perry Studios Opening Gala Nick Ashford 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards
Rest In Peace... tell the universe we say thank you for allowing it to manifest itself in you, musically...


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GREAT post, bro. Thanks for sharing that.