Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

Yesterday, was an amazing, amazing day... amazing. Amazing in that it was so tough to deal with such a shocking reality.  My spirit was properly humbled and reset by the passing of 1 of the most incredible men, if not THE MOST influential man to ever walk planet Earth.

My 1st home computer was the Apple IIc which came with disks that were actually... "floppy" !

The games I had were Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago, Jeopardy, Family Fued and Karateka. I gotta tell you.. Jeopardy had me dwarfing kids in elementary school at 1 point...I was a bit ahead because of random jeopardy knowledge.

This is the message I wrote to Apple:

I just want to say, it is an extreme blessing to be alive during a period of time where Steve Jobs spearheaded a company to make advancements in technology and animation soooooo fast, like my wildest dreams came true. As a child (birthyear 1978), I watched "The Jetson's" in the mornings as I ate breakfast before going to school. Steve Job's really made some JETSON TYPE STUFF HAPPEN. I just cannot believe it, and I am really thankful!

I would've never thought touch screen on the phone was possible, talking to friends and family face to face on the iphone, taking videos, photos and just more was even a possibility...

I am just really grateful and I sending love and peace to his family, friends and coworkers. He is still alive in the very awesome tools we now have in our hands and homes and I really look forward to continuing to use what he helped invent and innovate to make our lives that much more easier and that much more connected with each other.

Much love,

Rest In Peace


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