Friday, January 30, 2009

uhmmmm.. hell yeah

Recently I got a lil more paper and felt like there are some artists I want to support. To me there's nothing like getting good music and venturing through the CD booklets...

Below are 2 albums I got from Fat Beats NYC yesterday.. I'm happy with the artwork and the actual music. The below albums are much needed vitamins for my soul...considering i haven't been listening to any other hip hop except what I'm creating each day :-)

TELL me why i looked in my fatbeats bag after a long night to open up the CDs to read the booklets
and there was an extra autographed RZA CD booklet in there.. just chilling?
i'm like damn yo...did this somehow get in my bag by accident???
cuz the actual CD has a booklet in it already...

man this was cool!

So.. i got a RZA autograph too.. Just in case the online fans want the music.. visit below to get it from

LASTLY.. enjoy this poem.. i wrote it when my relationship with a Grandmaster started to crash and burn.. from January 2007 onward.i was on my own.. no longer had the team that I dreamed was gonna make it to the top!

Outer orbit
So many stuck morbid
Sick and cold as fuk
The result of how the storm gets

Check how the soul's proportioned
Does your boy really got ur back
Or is he thinking how to off him

The "him" is you
As you float out in the deep blue
With no life jacket and
The weight of grief strapped to ur shoes

How does the see water taste
The see water waves
And you see water grave
As the see water craves

To act like the sea and drown your way
The enzymes blind your eyes stuck like paste
So many deceiving
The mind goes to waste

No time for reading
Everyone on some nosferatu vibe
….Ready for feeding

The new grounds for breeding
Are right outside your window freezing
The cold streets of NY State
Will leaving your heart bleeding

The conscious burns quickly in the inferno
To do good or bad for good reasons
But being true to urself is real worth yo

The worms inside of the fruit make the big apple rotten
Timeless are memories
Quickly forgotten
Some wanna show me a good hand
And I extend mine
In an effort to understand
And when I pull it back
It's mauled off cuz I thought I
Understood that man

Numerology says 9
Concerned for the world, I try to imitate the divine
As I focus my time

Can those truly outshine
Wat was not meant to shine
Is any type of fame
Really what's on my mind

Friendships last long
But a good word about who you are
Remains strong
Amongst a circle of associates
With hopes long gone

Is it wrong
To experience and live
When real paradise is in the mind
Why can't these motherfuckers see this shit

4th dimension
My dreams start extending
Into the 3rd to make sure
My life here is properly rendered

Can't remember
The last time things truly felt right
i continue to lay my all on the line
regardless how many times I get
knocked on my behind

I'm just coasting
Like Steve Prefontaine

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