Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Notorious 2009 - the film about Biggie Smalls


I think the creators of the Biggie Movie really pulled it off! I think that the directors really nailed the general idea of what kind of person B.I.G was in the span of 2 hours and 2 minutes. As a fan, and an artist, I've heard so many industry stories, tales, legends and rumors. So, so many. I am sure people will b*tch about how certain parts of his life did not come up in this film BUT I am extremely happy with the outcome.

I'm not too, too critical when it comes to cinema, because at the end of the day, there's always someone saying, the movie is missing this or that! In my mind, I try to be objective.

If a film is entertaining with a cohesive story, I don’t mind paying $10 to see it to support it (hehe if only people felt this way about my hip hop albums.. soooon darnit..soooon!) The whole point is to be entertained by things on the big screen. This of course gets really sketchy when it comes to comic book stories turn movies but in that regard, I am generally just happy to see the images from the book on the big screen God willing it’s done, somewhat right!

Anyways, I am proud. The movie came out about 11 years after B.I.G passed. He was a hero for NYC Hip Hop and Brooklynites alike because he represented a lot of kids who lived the same kind of life he was living and if it wasn’t them personally, they knew of someone like him, a friend or family member. He had the appeal of a people’s champ and that’s exactly what he was to many. Not to mention how RAW the 90s was. All the crews, running sooooo deep in the streets. Timberland boots, army jackets. Damn.. NYC was very tough back then. You had to be tough to survive. Around this time, 90-95 I used to pray to God everyday that not to be shot. Gun play wasn't that heavy but what people went through back then, please were live wires, I guess very much like today.. but there was a certain roughness that was oozing in the streets...maybe because the police presence on the streets wasn't as much as it is not. I digress. B.I.G was a hero because he was around that environment, he was a product of that environment, and he changed. He changed his way of life and tried to walk a different path, pushing music instead of what he was pushing earlier on :-) The movie was such a great rewind. There was some footage of the 90s that appears in the film. I won't say exactly what it was because I don't want to spoil it. BUT it was great to see the 90s captured on video camera again, on the strength of B.I.G.

I feel like all the actors that were picked did such a great, great job! Biggie's son, junior showed up in the film to play a young version of his legendary father AND BOY did he do a great job acting! For his debut..wow.. playing the role of his father... God Bless that boy! haha.. he rocked it! I didn't realize it was him until the credits rolled! Damn...I might have to pay and see this again. It was really that good.

Rest In Peace B.I.G
I am proud to have bought your wax, party and bullsh*t when it first dropped... for me that was 1992 or 93, I still have that wax!


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