Thursday, February 19, 2009


So I got this email about the NY POST yesterday at 4:18PM

This is what the NY post thinks about the president

Delonas for Wednesday February 18, 2009
Sean Delonas' Cartoons do not run every day. However, the one shown here
is the most recent.

God!.... sick, sick, sick, sick people right?

To all these closet racists i'm like DROP IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u know? How about it's sickening!
The planet's not gonna be around too much longer...I mean the fish are starting to nibble on plastic waste that's being dumped out in the deep blue! Shit.. we can't really eat red meat or chicken like that..can we. hehe what are we eating? I won't even start going off on vegetables and how people aren't trying to protect us! So WTF does black skin mean on the scale of things.. what does skin color mean!???
people are so stupid!

YES mother fukers is mad different in their own unique way. To each his own.. I went to Kiyomizu and Buddah's skin color was completely black with red lips.. it was amazing to see that image of Buddah being sooo black! Buddah's GOD YALL...and he looked black!!!! So I'm thinking dag.. one of the images in Japan is soooo black.. the imagery clearly was joyous and loving. So I'm like.. why the hell are people here hating on the imagery of our president being black!

I don't know of any BLACK GROUPS in the USA that HATE others..i know of very radical groups that protect black identity because it is a reaction to the hand being dealt to us. Other types are groups do hate crimes against black men and women, torment them and hate them! So radical black groups are the reaction to the threat at hand.. But to proactively hate! And to react with hate type crimes??? NAH YO.. NAH.. we don't do that!

Anyways..the PRESIDENT IS EFFIN BLACK.. DEAL WITH IT..the majority of america voted for him! DEAL WITH IT!!! The majority of the electoral college voted for him.. DEAL WITH IT!!!!! If you don't like what's going on.. the take responsibility and build your community relations strong to fix your own shit.. communities these days aren't as together as they used to be on a national scale...cuz everyone's looking out for them and not the community as a whole!

OBAMA didn't BRING ABOUT ANY OF THIS MESS.. and to suggest that #1 he's a monkey and number 2 that his stimulus package will fail and IT HASN'T even been tried out yet.. is crazy! It's like a coach looks at a kid that's super skinny and small and won't even let the kid do anything in practices... he just tells the kid.. OH no you're not ready.. You can't possibly do anything! The coach is hating yet the kid didn't EVEN PRACTICE YET!??? the kid could be super fast and one of the best athletes!!!! YOu never know what someone's capable off until they actually TRY AND SHOW YOU... Obama hasn't even TRIED yet..

I am all about letting someone try and if they fail.. i won't even be on I told you so.. it's the point that you gotta let people try.. stop fukin hating!

black people aren't going anywhere and we're far from monkeys! I am sick to the stomach that there is even a comparison...

And what kind of representation is that to even put the NYPD in the picture like that.. cops are sooo trigger happy! Let's not even create an image to where the public will feel comfortable seeing a cop shoot ANYONE!!!!!

cuz if that is a common occurence than..the next black man shot and killed will be met with desensitized attitudes..

LOL.. just venting

Seriously though..human beings have been here over 2000 years... still we have the same problems.. over and over with not accepting each other..not working together.. continuing to expose differences..based on culture, race, spirituality.. etc

Enough already...



Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know. I saw this cartoon, too. And the way the Post tried to explain the cartoon was just pathetic. It didn't even make any sense at all!

I wouldn't call it closet racism, though. It's just racism. And I agree, it's gotta go.

MeccaGodZilla said...

Word! I know people here don't have to like each other.. Life is definitely not about liking everyone.. etc..

but respecting everyone is different.. i don't have to like everyone but I can truly respect their planet, their space and everything.. I don't have to praise what they do, just show respect by leaving them alone

the explanation.. gosh.. steph i gotta catch up and hear what was being said. I totally almost called in to go to the march today..but I remember when i marched after sean bell got murdered... the energy was sooooo, so surreal and wack... and the energy died out that day.. and i realized a march isn't gonna solve anything! this is definitely not the 60s anymore.. hehe..

I guess you are right! it was a blatant dart dude drew up and threw out there for sure.. i'm happy people caught it and are disgusted by it!

AND it's black history month.. like why? haha

this is definitely the twilight zone.. it has to be