Friday, February 13, 2009

**Sigh.... Say it ain't so..

Yes.. more madness....

WTF happened to Kick ball

WTF happened to Baseball

WTF happened to TV and not getting bored of TV

WTF happened to playing board games, trouble, monopoly, sorry

WTF happened to building structures on the carpet with playing cards

WTF happened to videogames.. minus the girls with super fly T&A ( yes i love video game girls :-(

WTF happened to frogs, rocks, snails, tree bark, diggin in the dirt, earthworms, spitting, ants

WTF happened to innocence yo.... SERIOUSLY WTF happened to it!

Why are we not fighting to protect these things????



Anonymous said...

OMG, that kid looks like he's seven or eight! That's nuts, dude! His voice hasn't broken yet, though. That means he's prepubescent - how did he manage to impregnate his "girlfriend?"I mean, strictly biologically speaking. That's just crazy.

And yeah, it is sad. Weird!

MeccaGodZilla said...

Crazy right?

Yo I see is face and I think about the day I saw my first hair! I was sooo clueless and scared!!!!!

And this young man is already having sex... I can't believe it.. I am so shocked, I know this crap happens. Baby sitters put lil boys on to the birds and the bees...some of my friends had this happen to them... I am so sad for the baby already...each child needs the right support to blossom properly. The boy can't even support himself yet.. I can't believe this!


bro, where can i read more about this? i havent heard about it, hence - i didnt know what you were talking about:(


I thought that was his older brother... Please don't tell me that's the father...