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***AFRICA | Charity & Andrea (my friend)

yall.. yo my friends are real grassroots with it.. we do stuff for
people because we care! You might know me for helping to create
G.A.ME Now you can check out what my friend Andrea did!!!!


this is not something that is fake, my homegirl teamed up with
her partner and they 2 are doing this together! My childhood friend
Li.. pitched in to help and my homegirl JiEun really held things down
during the whole process. Shout out Kevin!!! That is the squad &
this is soooo real ! I was so dead broke but I donated $50 and LOOK $50 actually went somewhere and the photos below are proof!!!
This is not informercial style where u don't know where the money
really goes!

peace and props Andrea! keep shining and changing the world!


Dear Friends & Supporters,

We Did it in Afamanaso!!! Let’s Do it Again for Yilo Krobo!!!

On February 22nd 2009, Planting Technology International (PTI), the community members of Afamanaso and guests celebrated the dedication of the Afamanaso ICT Center—a year after Tyler’s first visit to Afamanaso, his dream....our dream is realized!

to the construction of the ICT Center, there were no computers in the 3
community schools, so ICT (Information & Communication Technology)
classes were taught in theory with no practical usage.


An idea of nations...
With a Backbone...

and support.

We bring...

A new tool...

to a farming village...

With Government Support...

And a Teacher. now in session!

With excited children...

We push forward for more...

Let the news...

Highlight these children...

for their futures...

With 30 laptops donated to PTI by Moët Hennessy,
the 500 students at the two Primary Schools and Junior High School will
now have access to ICT classes. The Afamanaso community and surrounding
villages will be able to take after school computer classes, browse the
internet, and print documents for a nominal fee.

· OSTEC IT is installing the internet!!!

· Adaex Educational Publications donated 1,000 new books to build a library–- the first in Afamanaso!

· Guest
speakers at the ceremony included Honorable Hennric David Yeboah, the
M.P. of the Afigya-Sekyere East Constituency, and Afamanasohene Nana
(Chief) Adu Ababio, as well as representatives from Ghana Education
Services and the District Assembly.

· The event had significant media coverage from Metro
TV, TV 3, Daily Graphic, Ghanaian Times, Daily Dispatch, Crusading
Guide, Hello FM, Ghana Broadcasting Company, Oman/Ash FM, Light FM, and
Sekyere FM

· 2,300 Cedis (approx. $2,000) was raised during the ceremony!

· We’ve added a PRESS page to our website to share news from Ghana....Check it out!!!

WE THANK our SPONSORS in Ghana....


· Adaex Educational Publications

· Royal Air Maroc

· Interplast Ltd.

· Geo-Tech Systems Ltd.

· G-Force Microsystems

· Coca-Cola

· Ms. Otiko Djaba of Miidan Educational Trust

Now that Afamanaso is complete, we are ready to DO IT AGAIN! Planting Technology is launching the Yilo Krobo ICT Center Development Project, which will provide 60 computers, donated by Essex County College (NJ), to the Somanya & YLO Agogo Senior High Schools in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

We need to raise $30,000
to make this project a reality. We will be holding a fundraiser in
April to support this project, as well as seeking additional
sponsorship in Ghana.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit and click on DONATE NOW!

WE’VE UPDATED OUR WEBSITE with after pics of Afamanaso and information about our projects in Yilo Krobo.

We thank you for being a part of our journey & mission to change the technological landscape of Africa, one village at a time.

We couldn’t do it without YOU!!!


Andrea & Andrew
Planting Technology International

22 Prince Street, PMB 417
New York, NY 10012
fax. 1.917.591.3444


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