Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Perfect 天 maybe?

for today... i aspire to stabilize the mind, thus these lines
-MeccaGodZilla aka Ryu Black

...part of me died, so i'm half alive
yin & yang enjoying my wrinkle in time... still I rise
back to the future with the grind, slowing down for the curve
calculate moves like casperov, no competition ya heard
expontential potential,
...kinetic abilities
skill out the wazoo
get off my ish if you ain't feeling me....
Earth took a cold spin
got caught up in the mix
particles scattered a bit
down and out with no wiz (my love lost!!!! minachu)
gesture to the stars with
nothing but the truth in my heart
black like the heavens torn
apart as God Reveals the plan from the start
from darkness
dwelling in constant light
those outside keep knocking
but i'm nowhere in sight
they enter a room, of nothing
but incredible moods,
groves, shoes and lose thoughts
staring into a mirror of who...
the who's me, that I spill onto
a loose leaf
strive to be out the box
like a bruce lee,
some afraid because I do me

my rewards are just peace
fuck your wars you beasts
u jealous bones for control
add a negative blotch on your soul


RYU BLACK.. Perfect 天

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