Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Recently, I got drafted to help do the music for the NIKE EUROPE Sneaker Battle Website. What a blessing! I've been wearing NIKEs all throughout my youth, playing an eons worth of basketball on the concrete/blacktops, hardwood gym floors, slippery a$$ linoleum gym floors and more! Anyways.. enjoy the photos and the below write up yall!

one love.. pass it on.. it's interactive website..have fun with it!

DJ SARASA & RAVAGE the MeccaGodZilla team up to provide the soundtrack
for the NIKE Europe Sneaker Battle website !

DJ SARASA provides the fresh melodies, killer cuts and scratches!
RAVAGE provides the boom bap style drums and vocals (see the judge

It's that simple. Tell your friends & Join the battle!

for more information about DJ SARASA aka Silverboombox visit:

for more information about RAVAGE the MeccaGodzilla visit:

The Website Design was created by the talented Muraken..check him out here:

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