Monday, June 29, 2009

A Day In the Life

Some times I like to get my hikikimori on and chill in the crib, but when it's over 80 degrees, the sun calls me and when I'm summoned, I just run through NYC till the wheels fall off..When I got out for 24 hours, there's just so much that happens..wardrobe changes, many, many friends and too many laughs.. I love life.. this is an account of how my life is a few days during the week.

This past weekend was 1 of the most amazing weekends.. The jumpstart to actually LIVE MY LIFE was sparked by MJ passing away. :-( I thought about all the songs he made and what they stood for. His concepts and songwriting is/was exceptional. In alignment with "music" in heneral... i knew I had a show this weekend. I was kind of bummed but after listening to MY all weekend long..and see how the people came together again.. cuz yes.. the loss of MJ is tragic, I decided to power up real fast and make sure I get to the show! I got to rock the mic for G.AME on the strength of the Go Green Hip Hop tour. G.A.ME put together the event to in the BX ..I think it was 167th between Gerard and Cromwell.

I got invited to do 2 more events and to get some FM radio spins so I'm really excited about that.

The bonus was I met NYOIL at the event too..which is really cool. My friend Eiko talks about him a lot and it was really great to meet him.

Later that night I linked up with MegaRan aka Random. It was ill because I haven't seen him in years but we got to kick it and party with his friends. Shouts to Liz, storyville, Solitaire, Vince, Russell, Jenna and Random.

We hit up a club.. and for some reason there was just nooooo MJ playing...i feel so weird about being in a club when I legend dies and the DJ does't go in!

I got to rest later after leaving Random and his friends around 3AM. It was good to see my's been years since I've chilled with Ran... The bonus was to get my copy of MM9 where I feature on song #5 called My Love :-)

I rested up...woke up Sunday AM and hit chinatown early for some great food. There's a malaysian restaurant there that is really good. I got to link with my fam, Mio.. she's an upcoming singer that's working hard here in NYC. Very talented.

The food was slamming. Orange chicken, veggie friend rice..& gyoza style dumplings ...yummm!

On my way back to Strong Island, and with clouded thoughts about losing the King of Pop.. i got to hear another below.. enjoy the steel drum below.. i got to mellow out real fast ;-)

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