Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bondfire, the last 1 for 2010

The last Bondfire for 2010 featured me and DJ Polstyle!  The Monthly Bondfire features some of NY's dopest was an honor to rock this last joint of the year and of the decade ;-)

(Tasty Keish & Tah Phrum Da Bush on the 1s & 2s)
Although we got hit with a blizzard the day before the turn out was dope! 

(it was a tough commute but we made it to the venue!)

(Polstyle & Jesse Abraham)

(JA, MC Faceman & Warren Britt, "The British are coming!")

(me & Top $ Raz....
1 of my favorite emcees from NY reppin the new school, he has such a sick stage show!)

(Kalae All Day & Mio Fujieye)
(YC making a cameo during Kalae's set!)

(Liz one of the dopest people you'd meet in your lifetime, I'll testify & amen that...Amen!)

(DJ Polarity in the middle of 2 creators Liz & Martha)

(happy bornday Jorge!  he got busy on that painting too! Capricorns stand up)

(hang in there Polstyle!  he bounced to rock yet another gig!  he totally kept grinding thru the crazy blizzardry)

(that's that look like..."nah ninja you dont wanna test ya might...don't do it" haha Conscious is Kaiju) 

(Baron of Red Clay...waddup!)

(crazy, crazy, crazy freestyle cipher at the end of the show all to my beats..i did a lil producer showcase ;-)
(one of the basslines to a Hokuto No Ken flip...Conscious was bodying the freestyles!)

2010 arigato gozaimasu...mata ne.. zehi zehi
(Coolie High, Tasty Keish, Warren Britt, Me, Conscious & Baron (rt front))
it was dope to rock the last show of 2010 with such great, great great artists and friends..the show streamed online... friends like Kaz and Lady L, cavalier and Chase all tuned in to vibe to the it was a great look.. despite the crazy, crazy blizzardry we did it!  2010 thank you for all the connects.. let's rock 2011
peace and love
RAVAGE the MeccaGodZilla

Here's an album you can use to fuel your commute, workouts, and more...


Admin said...

Dooooooooooooooooope! Thanks for shooting us with such a thorough post!

MeccaGodZilla said...

no doubt! anytime!