Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The 1st time I met Ruby Red

I picked Ruby Red up from Narita Airport..sigh.. somehow my timing was off so I was late...as I arrived by bus I could see Ruby standing at a bus stop far away..waiting to get on a bus back to Tokyo... I had to hurry. I flew off my bus to meet her

Standing almost 5 feet tall, extremely powerful eyes...she teased about being a "hobbit" haha
NO SHE DIDN'T. She did get at me a tiny bit for being late... but we quickly starting building on the 1.5 hour bus ride back to Tokyo.

Ruby was a speedskater...thus the powerful looking thighs, she's an athlete, played all sports and was really competitive in Tae Kwon Do...

She's also read Malcolm, watched Shaka Zulu, & Roots. She schooled me more on her indigenous peoples and the tribe she's from in Taiwan. Really.... Taiwan has Aboriginees and tribes? Yes & she speaks chinese too hehe... the Natives of Taiwan, from what she showed me, look like the native americans from North America....

This was the start of such a dope bond between me and Ruby... more coming soon

(Ruby Red teasing about her "chicken hat" ...it kept her warm though... i wanna get one!)

It's amazing the similarities between her people and the other indigenous folks from all over the world. Although Ruby is Taiwanese she knows well what blacks and other natives go through. There was so much unspoken energy I just knew she knew well what it's like to walk through my shoes and she taught me a little bit about what it's like to walk through her shoes. Ruby is a tough, tough young woman... not to mention extremely talented, dedicated, professional and focused! Much Respect!
peace 4 now
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