Monday, January 18, 2010

Walk this this way

So far my trip to japan is really productive and a lot of fun! I am thankful yo! So much craziness is going on back home though... It is an incredible situation, mentally, to balance the tough situations at home and the love here! It's baffling actually. My man, Brian, just suffered cardiac arrest..he had a heart attack, pneumonia and then went into a coma. This was like the day after Haiti got hit with a 7.0 banger! My mom's side is from Haiti, My dad's side of the fam is from Barbados! I was born in Brooklyn Jewish Hospital.. Although my parents moved us to Long Island when I was young I still visited Brooklyn often and went to the Kyokushin dojo there on Flatbush Ave...Brooklyn has a huge population of Haitian families and I am sad for Haiti right now.. .really really sad... My family is going through some situations in addition to the aforementioned that I can't really discuss but it's tough... especially on my mom... I pray for her all the time.

Anyways.. in the midst of the madness back home.. below is a sample of what's going on ;-) as I push my existence and artform to another level. I actually got an official upgrade from the Applebum brand. Their gear is sooooo on point and very Witty Unpredictable Talented All Natural... they are doing stuff that reminds me of NYC...recently they teamed up with Wutang to bring to you some great gear..

It's ill because the 1st 2 records I ever bought with my own money were The Pharcyde's "Passin me by" and Wutang's Protect Ya Neck!!!!! Applebum totally rocked the Wu style.. check it out here

2 of my free download albums recently got reviewd by Cold Glass of OJ Blog..peep! below..shout's to Vocab!

currently this is over 70,000 downloads between the websites and mininova..OVER 70,000 Downloads!!! such a blessing!

currently 17,936 downloads!


Soooooooooooo as you can see.. my brother D-pi made it here safely...and we both will strive to evolve as artists.. .below is a dedication piece I asked him to make for Lu Nagata and all the japanese pole's great because the other day I visited Lu Nagata in Akasaka and we will work together in the future.. possibly a video or live show together with a live band ;-)

(MeccaGodZilla & Lu Nagata - World Pole Dance Champion...artwork by d-pi)

(my friend Kyriek ..2nd from the Left)

Tokyo is great! Shouts to DJ SARASA, Applebum and all the new friends and fam I've made here!

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