Monday, July 12, 2010

What are friends really?

It has nothing to do with my status or the money I have or anything material. We make each others lives better thru hook ups, comforting words, prayers (that you sometime can't feel because of how private they are...Just cuz u can't feel these doesn't mean someone isn't praying for u) and more

Wait..let's look at life... what is life exactly? it's the lifelong journey of learning how to communicate within yourself and with others.

what is life exactly? It may be the lifelong journey of learning how to communicate within yourself and with others. *** When there is miscommunication between 2 other people you can choose to objectively take sides or realize everything is 1 and try to repair the situation. But you might be asking WHY..WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THAT.. and I say.. why the hell not? Life is not promised tomorrow.. No One knows what life is like in "heaven" No one's come back to tell us what the afterlife is like.. thus this existence is our so called "heaven" You can choose to make it terrible or extremely blissful for as long as possible. Even in heaven, if you know the story of lucifer, heaven isn't always bliss...however heaven as a whole can be if we make it this way... I have no issues with any of you...Please..if u have issues with me.. say so.. don't hide those thoughts let me know... sometimes i have to take breaks socially breathe... and calm down... if this hurts you personally..i'm sorry..if u cut me off because I am striving to stabilize my mentality then maybe we've never been anything close to friends in your mind... I treat everyone the same... the issue is "time" I value it..but i am not a slave to that.. why is it that some friends that I love can not be seen for 3 or 4 years at a time...but when we link again it's love..and if they are here and i don't get to see them.. it's still should be .. life is what life is...and it's not always able to yield what we want... do not condemn me for that... I am not your enemy... I am not alive to personally piss you off, or hurt you or anything

Do you think I just wake up to make sure your day totally sucks? Do you think I wake up to plot on how i can fuck up your day? We do the best we can with what we can do. Time is not always our friend..if we run out of time. .maybe we should focus on the amazing times we've already had and try again

I am happy being alive... i struggle with so many things within but am extremely happy for the smallest clean water to drink (not the rusty pipe taste that's in our tap water at times) or really good melon for breakfast with the blessing of eggs and wheat bread...haha

What are friends really? A TRUE FRIEND IS SOMEONE THAT MAKES YOUR LIFE BETTER. Physical appearances is not always possible.. but Words that are either emailed, texted or spoken or physical. They are thoughts that came from something immaterial and are transformed into language which is something tangible (arguably some will say at times lol). Say if I was just dead like days ago. Would you still be pissed? Oh u might read this and be pissed about why I can easily talk about death... "Fear of the Creator is the beginning of Knowledge" but fearing death is nothing and should be nothing... i've seen so many of my child hood friends and family members just die! i miss them.. so much..that i've cried thinking about them.. to this day.. especially more for my child hood friends.. we should grow old and have our kids link at barbeques to play around at the parks etc.. i diverge though...

When some of my friends have died... I keep thinking about some incomplete promises. I keep thinking about how human I my left pec is not 100% in alignment with my right one.. one of my traps is bigger than the other.. my left tricep is bigger than the right one..but my right arm is stronger than the left. I like to swing for left field when I'm hitting.. i always aim left. my right foot is wider than the left.. the fingers on my right hand are fatter than my left hand. My head is not perfectly shaped and is the reason i don't stare in the mirror too long... I am the only one that can probably see that though haha u know what I mean...I am human... just like you. I strive to be objective as much as possible so I can see clearly... your verson of the story, my version of the story and then "what happened"

If I am wrong I always apologize. Apologies are often few and far between because people have too much pride. I might be going thru this now..thus venting on this blog...

I try to always stay in the zone of "what happened" and if what happened was rude and it's my fault, i'm sorry.

Life is too short to condemn your friends for mistakes. Life is always mistakes and learning yo... i am physically not perfect.. mentally not perfect

if I was i'd be the man.. i mean i'm the man but i'd be soooo content within that i won't have black capricorn days (jamiroqui) or dog day afternoons (pacino)... i don't wanna wild out like mr. douglass in falling down...

Enjoy ur life.. i am not perfect.. if u try to make me perfect.. i will ask God to make sure ur feelings are not destroyed when you realize i am soooo human that I'm the epitome of human

I LOVE YOU.. because you are me and I am you. You may be like what the fuck? And while you are figuring that out... i am going to keep reminding myself for being grateful for all the small things that make my life healthy and happy


Here's an album you can use to fuel your commute, workouts, and more...


Jesse said...

A friend is someone who sees you for who and what you are, and accepts you anyway.

We're all human. People who more than that from anyone (including themselves) is in for a lifetime of disappointment, and that's entirely their problem--not yours, not mine, nor anyone else's. Theirs.

I tell people that I'm me--no more, and no less. If they've got a problem with me, they've got a problem with me. I don't have a problem with me. I tell 'em to call me after they build a bridge and get over it.

Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, and it's a two-way street. It also happens in many ways--most people think of verbal and written forms first, but actions communicate just as clearly if not more so. Honest communication from both sides builds trust and respect; the inverse from either side erodes those things. Without trust and respect, generally don't want to communicate with each other, and this is how relationships disintegrate. Lead by example in this, but clarify your own expectations when you need to.

You keep doing what you're doing. Make people aware of your boundaries (we all need 'em, and you know, sometimes a guy just doesn't want to be found--like my cousin Bill says, it be's like that sometimes). Keep making positive moves, and you'll attract positive people to you. Don't pay the negative people any attention--they'll self-correct or slough off on their own. Remember: it's their problem.

Peace, Mike.

Jesse said...

Blogger eats random words, apparently. That should read "People who expect more than that..." and "Without trust and respect, people generally don't..." Blarg.

MeccaGodZilla said...

Jesse ur always clutch when I go off bro.. i really appreciate ur never ending support and more

You made such a great point. It's really their problem, not mine because I am ok with me.

such a great jewel bro! thank you for this!