Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shiro meets d-pi???

The art of networking!

So earlier in the day YumeFest had an event in Dumbo for Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest week. I booked S.Y.O.R and DJ Tomoko and Yuka for the event! I went to the YUME FEST joint to support S.Y.O.R. DJ Tomoko, Yuka and DJ SARASA. I had to leave around 9pm to make my next event with Shiro and DJ DAS. Me and d-pi ventured to NYC after I text everyone to come to Das' event after the YumeFest joint. Sarasa headed straight to my party, Shiro was at the party about to paint Live while we were gonna rock the mic..long story short.. i hit up a few heads.. and everyone ended up at the spot for an interesting mash up as Shiro and D-pi displayed incredible skills painting and spray painting for one of the illest and in my opinion, legendary collaborations!

 Of course you know I had to film it all too!!!! lol

Shiro X Dπ from Raynard Faux on Vimeo.

peace and love to Shiro and D-pi for both being professional, skilled, open and incredible fun artists! Shouts to DJ SARASA for getting her paint on too! haha she helped a tiny bit!

Tomoko and Yuka were performing every single day, they must've been tired but i am happy they came thru to support! All you gotta do is send out a few text message and incredible things was great because Das got to meet some of my fam.. everyone met each other the network is bigger yo.. not saying I'm dat dude but you know.. i feel we only live once so why not try to link good people together.. that's my life

I dont care about social stats or whatever.. i just keep connecting yo so that our lives have a positive impact...kind of like how Jesus is a carpenter..

so am I.. I build yo.. LIKE REALLY BUILD!
and now Shiro and D-pi are aware of each other and have collaborated.. btw..shouts to MC K-Swift, Mad Soul and Ness of the A-Alikes

thank you Shiro and D-pi
Here's an album you can use to fuel your commute, workouts, and more...

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