Wednesday, July 21, 2010

JuneJuly 6/30 - 7/2

Sometimes I feel like when I go out...the fam and friends don't realize how much I do or how much gets done.. below are the photos of me in passing in NYC doing what I do best. Networking. If only I knew how to get paid from this ability...haha I gotta figure it out ;-)

(just finished Xiaolongbao with my sista Bgirl Mari...u might know her from Step Up 2 movie)

from there..i had time to kill so I ventured uptown to check Mez who's currently working on this:


My days are best when there's multiple, unique and amazing people to see and talk to! I don't feel like I'm the only one, if u get my drift :-D

The next day I head off to get my car inspected! I had to run around a bit and car door comes back like this

WTF!!!!!!! my back rear passenger door is hyperextended so my black ass can't open the driver door from the inside without rolling down my window and squeezing that protruding rear door close to the car body in a timely fashion to open my door quickly? This is an old car injury from someone who was sitting in that rear seat and didn't see a bike delivery guy riding so the door captured this delivery guy like a web and thru him backwords.. comprende? That was a really quick account of what happened.. now i gotta fix this door and it's $$$$$ I don't have really to spend.. sigh! I gotta get out in the streets and sell CDs! soon!

That same night though, Yuka was in town so I took her out to meet d-pi who's friend Nate was in town. Nate's an amazing pop and locker.. we hit up Voodoo Lounge to watch Black Sunn, El Gant and Bekay rock NY's Brown Bag Thursdays. Such a sick show! After that we ended up hitting up DP One's party! It was awesome to watch the old school fam pop and lock and breaking and tearing it up! such a sick party!

(Yuka and d-pi)

(Nate and his lady...they're both reppin Australia)

(yuka, ron, me, nate and his lady)

(the fam)

Despite incredible times, my time to myself is the most incredible, internal wars...the war of compromise...of being a slave to the system again.. I'm like crawling thru, it maybe be your neighborhood, or your country... totally undetected unless I open my mouth, smile or perform to let the light out... and when the light comes does the darkness..which i find a lot in the people I want to be in love with... either way...I am grateful for the people that understand me or fight to understand me... many times after these incredible, impetuous bursts of gung ho'ness...i seek solitude...and that's when the darkness of those outside of me gets vicious...and I close my door and keep my mouth shut..and people are confused and hate it...and I feel like maybe there's something wrong with me.. but all athletes and fighters are this way no.. after Destroying competition...or going all out..don't u need time to reflect.. u need solitude to rebalance right?

The control that time and communication has on our lives is is such a blessing but such a curse when it dictates how we are supposed to behave or we manipulate it to behave in such a way that we can get off not behaving properly hehe.. tangents are great... sine over cosign u know?

Part 2 of how July 2nd's adventure is coming next! Let the brain and memories unwrinkle itself so that u can really be in the mind of me, myself and I..the artist you know and the artist most of the world doesn't know ...

I'm seeking I am praying everyday.. many times a day to be at one with the universe.. if I can achieve this.. I'll have internal peace..and if I strive to have this..i'll have more internal peace than internal unrest

peace and love
Here's an album you can use to fuel your commute, workouts, and more...

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