Monday, November 29, 2010

God Bless Ruby Red

One of the most humble, most dedicated and most talented dancers to ever put on a pair of shoes and get busy! Enjoy the below interview of RUBY RED..she will join me in Tokyo on Dec 4th to shoot some videos for the Ryu Black album and the DJ Tomoko album

Reggae Dancehall Queen, Ruby Red stands out from the crowd with her crimson locks swishing through the air as she moves it and grooves it. Teaching her students the hottest combination to the hottest reggae beat she attacks the dance floor, with so much energy it’s hard not to get hyped just by watching her. Aside from her vibrantly colored hair, and insane skill, Ruby Red stands out as one of the very few choreographers in Taiwan who dedicate their talents to promoting and inspiring Reggae culture in her country. As a relatively underground scene in the vast country, where pop, electronica, classical, and hip hop rule the airwaves and dancefloors, Ruby Red’s love of Reggae and Dancehall is rare, but much welcomed in the every increasing Global Village of music and dance. She’s so dope, Reggae artist Lyrikill made a song especially for her, and she in turn cranked out a bad-ass routine to go with it! Currently, Ruby Red is teaching classes in Taiwan for any who’s interested in learning, and her youtube channel has many samples of her work. After watching just two of her videos, I so impressed by her overall talent that I asked RubyRed if she’d be so kind as to answer a few questions with me. Read on for her interview:

Tiffny: When did you first become interested in Dancehall and Reggae?

Ruby Red: When I was 21 years-old.

Tiffny: Do you do other styles of dance?

Ruby Red: Yes!! I do, my basic is hip-hop, and then I went to jazz, popping, break dance, a little krump…all dance styles are good to learn….

T: How is the Reggae scene in Taiwan?

R: Well, it’s not too good for now. [It's] still new for Taiwan, so I’m working hard for Taiwan to know and love it.

T: You teach Reggae and Dancehall classes on a regular basis in Taiwan. Do you also travel and teach workshops around the world?

R: No!! I didn’t get chance to travel or teach workshops around the world, but, i hope so…it’s my dream. So, please if anyone interest about Ruby Red, you can link up with me. Thank u^^

T: Who’s your favorite artist to choreograph to?

R: I don’t get chance to chreograph any artist, but if my dream is choreograph for Sean Paul or Elephant Man.

T: Who is your favorite artist to listen to?

R: For Reggae Dancehall: LADY SAW, Mavado, Alaine, Bounty Killer, Elephant Man…

T: Do you have any favorite choreographers?
R: Jae Blaze and Tanisha Scott

T: Have you ever thought of putting up tutorials on youtube of some of your more popular routines?
R :I’m starting to plan to do more promotion about it now. Like a “Taiwanese Dancehall Chanel”.
T: How have your friends and family reacted to your choice become a reggae dancer?

R: mmmmm….not real.

T: You have a blog to introduce Reggae dancehall to people in Taiwan. Can you tell us about it?

R: Yes!! Taiwan is still like a piece of blank sheet of paper and completely doesn’t have any communication for reggae dancehall like culture, music, dance….even to go for a record. It’s also very difficult find a Reggae record here, dance world too, so I hoped that this blog may let Taiwan understand the thunder clever culture and Jamaica’s personal thing.

T: Do you ever get nervous before a performance?

R: Always!!

T: What is your favorite thing about being on stage?

R: Share new feelings, new creativity, and new soul for the audience.

T: What is your favorite thing about teaching?

R:Seeing students enjoy my routine and really learn stuff from me and share a lot of about dance mind.

T: If you couldn’t dance anymore, are there any other passions of yours that you would love to explore?

R:Yes! I would love to see more new talent to going on. Training more new talent. Atleast I’m still in the world.

T: Lastly, what is your hope and dream for the dance community in Taiwan?
R:My wish is Taiwanese dancers can be more international. I hope [that] around the world, [people] can see Taiwanese dancers like that.

Ruby Red on Youtube | Ruby Red on Myspace | Ruby Red’s Blog (in Chinese)
I want to thank Ruby Red again, for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer these questions! Everyone check out Ruby Red’s youtube channel for the latest on her dance vids! You won’t be disappointed! –Tiffny!

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