Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Prelude 2 Final Outlaw's Unstoppable Love!

NEW FINAL OUTLAW!!!!!! One of NYC's BEST! Check out the prelude for FinaL OutlaW's upcoming Unstoppable Love, featuring freestyles, unreleased material, and an album sneak preview. As seen on 2dopeboyz, KevinNottingham, and more. Pass it on!

1. Rich One Day
2. Spread Word
3. When They Grow
4. Freaky Flow
5. Once Upon A Time ft. Pegasus
6. In The Park
7. The Bad Seed ft. YC the Cynic, D Julien
8. OMG9. Mars Walk
10. Rice & Beans REMIX ft. Niles11. Watch what you eat
12. Family
13. Solamente Quiero Vivir ft. Nedman Guerrro, Anamcy
14. YahAlreadyKno REMIX ft. Mic Wilson, Homeboy Sandman, YC the Cynic, 8thw1
15. Roar
16. No Regrets
17. Shoot Me Down
18. DJ Hugs Freestyle
19. Phantom Freestyle
20. Profane Freestyle
21. Sore Throat Freestyle
22. Machine - Snippet


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