Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kickstarter Complete!

Shouts to that believes in me...there were some powerful opinions about my quest to get funds for the Ryu Black the end of the day "70" people believed in backing my project and thus my will, by the grace of God, be done.

Much love to the 70 friends, fans and family that supported me. Much love to everyone that wanted to support but could not...financially help out.. I appreciate u retweeting about my project selflessly... (Applebum Jp thank u so much!!!)  Shouts to Whitnee for giving me one of the most incredible pick me up emails after I was shot down by others who did not believe...shouts to the countless friends and family that hand encouraging words for the duration of this quest.  So many great people donated... it was me watching objectively as the underdog, face an unbeatable opponent and with the help of people that cared about me..each one of you jumped in to take a swing and help me win! "This project has no corporate sponsors... it for the people and is backed by the people!"


Divine World Creations LLC Blog said...

Again something I told you don't hold back just go for it

Good job bro

Keep going.

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!! I knew you would do it!!