Saturday, April 9, 2011

みてみて! Japan & My thoughts, plus some new music!

Peace everyone,
All of you know how much I ABSOLUTELY LOVE JAPAN!  
The recent events in Japan have silenced me quite a bit and it's been hard to focus creatively. Many of the friends that I love and work with are there and I am proud to hear that everyone I know especially my homey up in Sendai are healthy and safe.   A good friend made me remember outside of donating $$$, as an artist... that what I can and should do is to create and continue to share, what it is, that I love to do as an artist.
I want to share these 3 things with you.

This past March was Capcom's 20th Anniversary for theStreetfigter II video game.   Below is my RYU vs. KEN tribute song titled "Ansatsuken"  It will be on my "PERFECT 天" Musical (May 17, 2011 via itunes and more).  The song features my good friend Majesty (as Ken from Streetfighter) Click below! みてみて!
ken vs ryu ryu black perfect heaven


 I would like to present to you "HITOTSU" - ONE LOVE, ONE HOPE for Japan. It is a charity/promotional song featuring me as the lead off emcee. Please enjoy this collaborative song produced by Japan's Taiga Kato, he has a donation link as well.  Click below! みてみて!

hitotsu taiga kato meccagodzilla japan donation earthquake


Me & the artists that toured Tokyo together this past November for YumeFest and Japan Music Week 2010, formed the DOMO ARIGATO FUND that will support the friends and family we know in Japan.

HERE IS MORE INFO ABOUT THE DOMO ARIGATO FUND Let's continue to support Japan and help them recover. If you haven't donated money and have the capacity to do so, please do.  Japan had another powerful aftershock of 7.0  

According to Yahoo News via the Associated Press.... "Many people have lived without water and electricity for nearly a month, and the latest tremor sunk more homes into blackness: About 2.6 million households..." Imagine if that was NY or the USA... Japan to me is my 2nd home, you guys all know that.. I've visited 5 times since 2005 and will visit again this year once or twice more... feel free to do what you can to help.   The Tokyo area from what I hear is ok but up northeast they are having a really tough time...let's help if we can...I don't believe in "ifs" though, so let's help.  If you are not sure how to help properly please let me know, I can give you suggestions

Peace and love itsumo
RYU BLACK aka MeccaGodZilla



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