Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the forest...the tree..and me

You know that jewel...

If a tree falls in the middle of a forest.... does it make a sound?

Today many trees have fallen.. and i'm telling you .. the sound is loud as fuck!
but no one is listening to me... I don't care if you don't want to listen to me...haha but i'm trying to tell you.. the reason the trees fell was because of something really really really bad... and i know why they are falling.. and i'm trying to tell u.. they're about to fall on your house too...

gangs, domestic violence.. naive foreigners trying to subsist in the concrete jungle.. God.. why does NYC brutalize people.. why!!!!!? why does NYC chew up good men... make them evil... what kind of machine is this.. why am i living here... how do people live here? are they mentally stronger than me??? they have to be... i'm so exhausted... i'm not angry.. but soooo frustrated with behavior.. WTF happened to people...

morals are so fucking out the window.. why do people treat each other like this.. what kind of chemical imbalance is within someone to violate another person? i have relatives that have been violated .. what makes them go out and NOT do evil things to people..and why are people out there doing evil things?

This crap is not happenign to me.. thank God.. but it's like.. am I supposed to live and not feel, for those who are getting fucked over? maybe they have done something so evil in the past that karma wants to reward them.. yes??? but what about me.. meeting them in super positive space.. they are turning their lives aroudn and what.. BONG.. karma's on it's own mission?? so when they get fuked over.. real real fast in a super incredible messed up way.. am I supposed to accept this shit.. and not feel it in my heart>? human emotion, right now is killing me! and people will tell u.. i am NOT the carl thomas type of person! shiiiiiiiit

if there is no evil.. then how can we really appreciate what's good right?

this universe and it's ever action has an equal and opposite reaction is fucking KILLING ME INSIDE!

why...??? i'm seeing so much negative now.. while so much positive in my life is happening! but WTF is going on out there?

seriously...people...WTF are you really, really, really doing out there?

what are you doing?

and to myself.. MD, WTF are you doing?

i need to go to kickboxing or boxing soon.. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I think I know what you mean. hang in there ;)

MeccaGodZilla said...

I've never been this unhappy in my life! it's soooo frustrating! and it's the ignorance of men that look like me.. that are attributing to the worst kinds of civil disrespect

it's really bothering me! i can leave.. but the problem is gonna grow like cancer!

i just don't know what to do.. i feel...soooo so trapped on this planet
hehehehe it totally sux!