Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter

today Jesus is resurrected from the dead...out the womb of the tomb into the heavens.. he ascends to be seated at the right hand of the father soon

today's that day that symbolizes thanksgiving and rebirth

i actually haven't sleep patterns are non existent...
i'm up because i'm thinking about someone.. i went thru my gmails to look at the pictures she used to send me...

maybe that part of my life is dead maybe i should stop looking at the silly photos.

OH SHIT!!! Okay.. hahahaha uplifting.. this is weird.. so i'm typing this blog.. depressed as hell! lol..and normally when i write..i'm what i wanted to do was post up this link to say...shortly after the above statement

"maybe that part of my life is dead maybe i should stop looking at the silly photos."

that recently... Japan found me.. after many times of casting the signal out.. someone in japan really likes my music.. hehe maybe not my Akiba Kei hat so soo much..but they respect my music...this is what moto blog wrote

but now to the EXCITING part.. so as i'm looking for that link to post up in my blog
i see this other link on their page that says: "Thanks!! Ravage the メカゴジラ. "

So I click on it and the below message reads:


Thanks!! Ravage the メカゴジラ.

I was surprised to watch your myspace today.

There are a lot of your fans in Japan.

When a day to be able to meet comes, I am happy.

I expect re-press"MeccaGodzilla vs. 007"


I am sooo happy now.. God...thank u for the instantaneous balance.
I didn't love my life for a while today..but you made me just love, love, love my life again..

my star is there.. even though i cast her away with the furocity...i'm asking you, universe.. to hear me and feel me.. cuz i did make a mistake..i'm physically paying for it...and u know this because u are there each moment i'm going thru the madness... hear me.. please

thank u and shouts to moto blog!!!!!!

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