Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Wrinkle In Time

Shocking, the King of Pop actually passed away. He died on 06/25/2009 and it took me about 3 days for it to really hit me. I regret never making my way to an MJ concert, but I'm happy my dad bought all of his vinyl. I still have the audio and my hearing, thank God.

(this is what the sky looked like on 06/26/2009..half the sky was pitch black and the other half looked like the above)

Friday people were going in on Mike... about the personal life crap with the boys, the beatles and everything. I was like, listen, just listen to all the songs dude has ever put out. Listen to the message. Mike had a consistent message of love. He music was kind. He made it cool to be human in his music. He was an amazing artist, lyricist, musician, dancer, and person.

Seriously MJ's passin is so surreal, like 100 years from now we all won't matter..but still.. Mike made noise throughout the universe and I actually feel, that Mike, might actually matter! I'm actually questioning again why? Why are we here? Why? I know it doesn't matter..I'm missing the point and not enjoying the gift of life known as the "present" time. I just want some assistance though

So many losses this past i feel lost

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