Sunday, June 7, 2009


Recently I had a dream that left me feeling happy!

I was with a group of people.. maybe it was like all of us were juniors in college and went on a class trip to someplace where the beach was really nice but not like Miami or anything.. It felt like maybe we were at jones beach minus all the chemical waste that washes up on shore.. anyways.. everyone kept losing their keys and I somehow kept finding them all!

shortly after finding keys for 2 groups of people..i thought 2 of my wise a$$ school mates stole my flip flops. Maybe they didn't steal them but they just tossed them in the garbage type of thing. I looked down and bong, my flip flops were right on my I saw them clowning around off in the distance I was releaved.

The last part of my dream featured my 2 newest dogs.. Max and Keno.. they are 9 weeks old now. The main feature of this dream was my dog that passed away years ago.. He died shortly after my dad came home from drinking too much.. my dog Jessie died about a year after that.. he was young but he was going crazy... anyways Jessie was playing with max and keno..and all of them were having was weird because when I woke up, it didn't hit me until like 2 hours after being awake that my dog that was dead was vividly in my dream having fun with my new dogs...i was expecting to go downstairs and see 3 dogs but I realized type late only 2 dogs are visually present right now!

Anyways...i know dreams have meanings, I have to figure this one out soon. I just overall had a good, good feeling about the entire dream.

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