Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another example of the Impossible

Rest in Power Guru!

I woke up today and found out that Guru of Gangstarr died... I was pumping his music frequently at my apato in Sangenjaya, Tokyo... I remember waking up in Tokyo to hear that he was in a coma and had cardiac arrest! Such a sad time because one of my friends from long island was also going through it!

Guru was recovering though and the fans were happy! But once again today... i woke up and bong! he was gone!

That really hurts...like I always listen to Guru for inspiration... his vocals are always chillin and the way he flows exemplifies lots of power without getting too hype on the mic.. he's always like...chillin when he's rappin!

I WISH i could spit like that! long story short.. this is such a huge loss for hip hop and I am sad because I am not sure if the people that needed to tell him that they love him got to tell him before he passed.. i am not sure if everyone got to really talk to him...

God thank you for the gift of Gangstarr

(C)all photos taken by the Ernie Pannicoli

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