Saturday, April 24, 2010

陰陽 (Yin & Yang)

Last night I got to link with Mez & Final Outlaw.. we headed to Williamsburg to watch a show for Soundwave at a loft party in brooklyn.. soundwave is like a hulked out version of ninja sonik.. really sick group

anyways.. like 2:46am me and Final Outlaw leave to go home..we were gonna take the train but opted to get in cabs.. he was on the opposite side of the street to catch his.. all i knew is there were a few cats out late but this corner i was on felt really eerie... this spanish guy was standing near me...and was clearly drunk but clearly staring at me... i wasn't even trying to make eye contact but i can see from my peripheral watz going on..

out of the shadows is this like mini version of a tazmanian devil.. definitely latino but not really sure where from.. dude is walking quik and in the street.. it looks like he was coming to punch me or something but he actually punched the other dude in the face.. when he was walking.. i could see from the corner of my eye some other taller cat walking parallel to him and he was there to help jump that 1 spanish dude...

so the lil tazmanian kat thru this punch i swear i though he was playing..cuz it was chotto slow but totally took dudes head OFF.. i was like i can't believe he didn't see that shit coming! but dude was drunk.. i could see the way he feel.. it was fucked up.. and i was waiting for gunshots.. i started to back away and the tazmanian dude came at me like back up yo, back up yo.. i was like fuck!!! i couldn't tell if they had guns..i had nooo idea what that was about but as i back up cuz i am not trying to get shot.. i could hear this dude getting a beating.. broken glass..i'm sure on his face.. i'm sure he got stomped.. i was stuck like yooo..

if dude wasn't there were this cats out there to rob whoever was on that street trying to catch a cab.. was i about to catch a bad one.. shit.. i wasn't happy about this shit.. cuz i keep thinking about how many guns are in the street.. this is not the 80s or early 90s where dudes scrapped

shit is sooo different now.. suki janai

on a good note..since being home i've been grinding and getting this music isht together.. i linked with Gene of Wealthy Ho$tage to build about Likwuid's album release party

shortly after dude d-pi ventured up to NYC to visit for a few business days...

recently.. mio fujiisan needed help getting a new mic so she ended up getting this one

i helped her set it up

LMAO!!!! Did you notice Mio is at Pizza Hut...or is it Taco Bell..'s the combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell!!!

wait...WHAT???? Nani Kore!??? yes yes.. the "combination pizza hut and taco bell..not just a pizza hut or a taco bell.. but a combination pizza hut and taco bell LMAO

soooo....the ultra violence last night fucked me up a lil bit.. i don't know mentally where I am.. human existance is tiring... why should my friend be challenged if i decide to defend myself..and if i defend myself..there's 50% chance that someone is packing a no matter how sick the skills are.. if i dont put niggas in the hospital.. i am in jeopardy of being shot or worse... life here is awesome but sickening too.. a perfect balance...

Japan may not be perfect but it is peaceful..
i like peaceful environments.. i will probably move soon.. permanently lol

(d-pi, MeccaGodZilla, DJ Shu-G)

(DJ SARASA, MeccaGodZilla & Noriyo [1 of the illest makeup artists])

Yo sooo...I've been home for a few weeks again started going back to the gym for the first time since one week..with dieting and working out.. I gained 2.5 pounds.. the plan is to gain 15lbs in 2 months.. ;-) watch! ima be a beast yo! Here's an album you can use to fuel your commute, workouts, and more...


Chika said...

o! shu-g kun!!!

MeccaGodZilla said...

yeah yo! Shu-G's my dude!!!