Saturday, April 17, 2010



photo by Gon (for more info email me)

I am back home and I can remember once my plane landed in Newark the feeling I had. The euphoria stopped. It was so warm in Jersey, 80+ degrees. Things were okay but the demeanor of the people was different... chotto samoi yo.

Maybe people are like "why the fuck his he smiling??? what the fuck is sooo awesome about being alive...?"

I think here in the states people are alive, struggling to hold on and survive not to mention there are so many levels of unhappiness here...socially, economically and more.. and it's effecting, I feel, more of the people and their attitudes here than in Japan.

People fight because you look at them wrong, fight because you don't move fast enough, fight because they hate their jobs and they let you know about it depending on the job...

I am highly inspired still, regards of the atmosphere here. I met someone in Tokyo this past trip that just matches my energy completely. Whenever I wanted to party, she would come, whenever I needed a beat to write to, she made it... she matched all of my energy completely and I prayed to God for all the success... meet DJ TOMOKO

(me, DJ TOMOKO, & Mai chan)

friends like this..that fully support your vision and go all out for you make life amazing. I have this in NYC with my boy Sim-E

however I am chotto jaded by my overall incredible experience in Tokyo... maybe Japan is not the best.. BUT for really was... almost everything I thought of or wanted to achieve was actualized

in June 2009, I did a transformational course to live my life more powerfully, and more authentic with the people and I know and within myself. I wrote out on paper I wanted to:

emcee full time
produce music full time
travel the world
and be a great entrepreneur

The last 3 months in Tokyo...I became an official model... for Applebum

I emceed countless parties by way of DJ SARASA (thank u sista!)

I started making beats for some of Tokyo's top emcees.. i'm just waiting on some feedback....i am striving to sell beats to many of the emcees there

I also started something on the entrepreneur tip that i can mention later on..
long story short.. Tokyo showed a lot of love yo... there was so much support and belief in me that my music started to change! I am tired of rapping where I'm talking about struggle.. the situation with abundance was sooo much in Tokyo that I started emceeing about all the good things that kept me afloat and it was fun.. my music wasn't sooo dark..

anyways.. it's difficult to articulate how amazing DJ SARASA, Applebum, Gon the photographer and DJ TOMOKO were in regards to setting the tone for my trip... I love them all yo.. they really held me down...

I hope to get all the Tokyo thoughts out in this blog because the trip was that amazing! from little kids seeing the MekaGoJi rings i wore and waving to me hello.. to speaking more japanese and navigating the subway asking questions.. it was amazing!

Here's an album you can use to fuel your commute, workouts, and more...


tomoko said...

hi! this is tomoko!
thank u mecca!!!!!
im lookin forward to cing u n goin ny!!!!
keep in touch:):)

MeccaGodZilla said...

word!!!! your welcome sista!!!!