Monday, December 21, 2009

For Love of Children by Erin L. Snyder

One of my friends and former co-workers is totally getting in in! The below description of his book is hilarious and sooooo interesting!

"Set in the aftermath of World War II, "For Love of Children" is a dark fantasy novel whose characters are drawn from a mythology of nursery rhymes and fairytales.

Santa Claus, a former bishop who achieved immortality through magic and alchemy, is torn between a desire to help the world and a need to control it. At best, his gifts are symbols of generosity; at worst, they are tools of manipulation.

The tooth fairy is the last of her kind. When her race was taken from the world she remained, unwilling to leave the children she loves. She is alone, hunted by Father Time, who seeks to rid the world of childish things.

Peter is neither a rabbit nor a man. His memory is fragmented and uncertain. For centuries he has existed in secret, hiding from mankind and himself. Once a year he emerges with the spring, leaving painted eggs and straw baskets for the children of a nearby village.

Narrated by Mother Goose, once a goddess who's been all but forgotten, the novel explores the dangers of idealism and the pain of loss.

Print copies of "For Love of Children" are now available at and are coming soon to A version for the Kindle is also on the way and should be ready soon." Erin's mind is amazing! support him if you can...


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